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Lost In Translation

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Ey up!

There's a new section integrated into the ExoticA wiki called Lost In Translation (LiT) which attempts to show how arcade games and movies survived the conversion process to the home computer/console, and vice versa!

It's taken me 9 months on and off to get the basic framework and list of games added to the wiki - so I guess you could say it's my baby! :shock:

It's in a wiki so it's open for everyone to help edit, add screen shots and help provide music recordings where relevant. Take a look at the page for 'Out Run' within the LiT collection for an extreme idea of what each page requires (though the 'Out Run' page is missing an audio section). Only 'The Ninja Warrors' has an audio section at present.

The World Of Spectrum is now officially linking to all relevant games in the LiT section, and we in turn are (eventually) linking back to WoS.

So come on and help with the wiki!

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