AmiGame - Frontend for WinUAE

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AmiGame - Frontend for WinUAE

Post by Anarkhya_reloaded »

Hi there!

Just dropping by to announce the launching of AmiGame Frontend!
(actually, it's been released on the 1st december but...nevermind ;))
Feedbacks, requests etc... are welcome on our forum, we're not the best english speakers around but we're still devoted to the Amiga cause :p

What is AmiGame?


The French team, AmiphoneX is proud to present their latest software
called AmiGame. Developed with the aim to respond simply to all needs,
to spend more time playing than to parametrize, AmiGame is a front-end
simplifies the use of WinUAE.


- Preprogrammed settings for 1185 games. Nothing to do for final user!
- Evolutionary database with both sort and search possibilities
- Various informations on any game (editor, release year, publisher, etc…)
- Links to partner sites (includes tests and notations)
- Possibility of downloading covers, music and screenshots for any game.
- Automatic updates (software and database)
- Localised interface (3 languages at the moment, French, English and Italian)
- Pleasant Interface with a futuristic look
- Help via Amigame's forum (French at the moment but English speakers are always welcome!)

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Post by XtC »

Ey up!

Looks like great interface. Will give it a try when time permits.

Can the joystick be used to control game selection?

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Post by Anarkhya_reloaded »

Thanks! please do :)
Joystick? nope! keyboard only for the interface!

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