Popping in to say hello :D

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Popping in to say hello :D

Post by Cool96 »

Hi All,

Just popping by to say Hello to anyone that remembers me.

Used the name CHAz from 1994-95 and from 1996 onwards was known as Cool96 (The numbers which never changed even up until
today - 12 years old name)

Used BBSes from about 1994 onwards until the internet took over my life in 1995 and dropped BBSes in around 97/98 probably :D

You may remember me from Digital Candy BBS, 13th Hour, #Am!ga and other IRCnet and Efnet Amiga channels :D

Ran a small BBS for a small time called Amiga Heaven, started off with Maxes BBS then changed to Ami Express.

Lots of fond memories, too many to mention. made a few programs under different group/company names.. Nicron Productions,

Ran a pretty successful diskmag (under my real name) called Amiga Information Online (AIO) had websites www.aio.co.uk and
www.aioworld.com both of which are long gone.

If anyone remembers me or any of the stuff we used to do or memories we might share, feel free to post :D

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Re: Popping in to say hello :D

Post by BuZz »

A bit late but, welcome to the forum.

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