Newsflash Diskmag - Missing Disks

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Post by XtC »

RiSe wrote:Well if you're interested in any disks from UGA Newsflash 1-60 that I've got, just say so

If you can spare the time (and bandwidth) could you please upload them all to the link given above?

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Post by RiSe »

I will, when I get some freetime on my hands :)

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Re: Newsflash Diskmag - Missing Disks

Post by insertcoin »

i reallly reallly want those UGA disks

i loved them when they first came out

any chance i could get them...

i promise ill preserve them and send them on.

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Re: Newsflash Diskmag - Missing Disks

Post by Schlicky »

Wow - really, REALLY old thread.

Wonder if these disk are still around for peeps to use :?:
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