categorisation ordering

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categorisation ordering

Post by BuZz »

Mostly for XtC but of use to others.

I noticed in lost in translation, because of the subpages, they all appear under L rather than the actual categry they should be.

I believe I can script a solution. In the meantime I made a test on the 10 yard fight page. basically

[[Category:Whatever|Sort Letter]]

does the trick and in the 10 yard fight scenario I did

[[Category:Arcade Conversions|1]]

so it appears under "1"

I'll have a go at scripting the pages to change the others anyway.

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Re: categorisation ordering

Post by XtC »

Ey up!

Cool! I didn't know it could do that.

If you could automate the changes, that would be great thanks.

Any chance you could inject the latest version of my text file into the LiT pages too please? :roll:

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