Changes to the UnExoticA collection

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Changes to the UnExoticA collection

Post by BuZz »

Some of the data which was previously handled by the UnExoticA bot has now been moved to being managed solely on the wiki. This means that any registered users can add a box scan or screenshot for a game as well as being able to manage composer information like photo, homepage, and comments.

so for example the infobox for Allister Brimble looks like

Code: Select all

{{Infobox Composer
|composerphoto=Allister Brimble photo.jpg
|photocomments=Photo courtesy of Jan Zottmann
|comments=Allister's handle of The Demon is not to be confused with Demon on the C64.

|handle=The Demon
|composer=Allister Brimble
and the composerphoto, photocomments, homepage and comments section can be freely edited and no changes will be overwritten by the bot. The bot still manages the composer name and the handle, which it uses for page redirects and cross referencing.

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Re: Changes to the UnExoticA collection

Post by XtC »

Ey up!

Should we remove the comments from the infobox and put them in the main body of the wiki instead?

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