Converting .LHA files?

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Converting .LHA files?

Post by werwepu »

I might be looking at the completely wrong pages, but so far I haven't been able to find out how to convert lha files to mp3.
I've used Deliplayer, but for some reason it doesn't work (I'm trying to get the awesome theme of Obliterator to run on my ipod)


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Post by Muerto »


LHA is a paking method for data/exe/sound files on the Amiga...
MP3 is an audio compression method.... 2 completely different types of files... no wonder it didnt work...

- try unpacking the .lha file before playing it in DeliPLayer...

-- EDIT --
grap the unpacked file here: ... -Ingame.DW ... r-Title.DW
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Post by XtC »

Ey up!

You don't really need to extract from the archive before loading into DeliPlayer as it supports files stored in archives.

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Post by Coma »

For easy LHA unpacking in Windows, use WinRAR which supports it natively.

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Post by BuZz »

Or better still get 7-zip which also unpacks them but is free.

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Post by Zeb »

7-Zip also supports much better compression than WinZIP and WinRAR.

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