Mixer in modplayer for mac?

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Mixer in modplayer for mac?

Post by stelvio »

i'm new here. i just installed CocomodX the mod player for mac, but i can't find a mixer, is there any??
if not is there another player that would allow to mute/unmute tracks? or any other way to do so?

thanks for any help!

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Re: Mixer in modplayer for mac?

Post by XtC »

Ey up!

I'm not familiar with the Mac, but if you've got access to a PC then XMPlay allows you to switch off channels and even lets you record a module with separate WAV files for each Amiga channel.

Otherwise, you could possibly try emulating an Amiga on your Mac and loading the module into an Amiga editor - but again, I've no Mac knowledge, sorry. :?

Hope that helps?

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