[Help] about a TP3 module

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[Help] about a TP3 module

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I have just seen this cracktro by Lightforce : http://bitworld.bitfellas.org/demo.php?id=29459

the original music is a TrackerPacker module. When you launch the intro, the first pattern is not the one when you play the TP3 or Mod in deliplayer.
and this pattern is not in the converted version. (I think ?)
I checked the source code, and no other player is used.
The only thing is the flag "choosestart=yes" set in the tp3player : tp_patternnumber (.w) is changed in the init.

Code: Select all

lea module,a0
lea samples,a1
jsr inittp

move.l a0,tp_data
move.l a1,tp_samples
move.w d0,tp_patternnumber ; !!! d0 = $140
bsr tp_init
But the value in d0 is not initialized to 0. d0 is changed before (sprites init) and the last value is $140.w
so the music start to this "hidden" pattern.

If I erase "move d0,tp_patternnumber" (d0=0), the real first pattern is played

a pattern is missing in the converted module ?! how to get it ?

see small video here

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