Robs Requiem and Transarctica musics in Protracker format?

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Robs Requiem and Transarctica musics in Protracker format?

Post by lotek_style » Sat May 21, 2005 10:00 am

Hi there...

I am looking for Robinsons Requiem and Transarctica
musics by Fabrice Hautecloque ...

the original musics are in his own format but I want
them in protracker format...

I know they exist because I already HAVE:

Content of:
| TITLE.MOD 167.302 Bytes


Content of:
| INGAME1.MOD 153.356 Bytes
| INTRO.MOD 118.424 Bytes

271.780 Bytes in 2 Files and 0 Folders.

I need the rest of the missing tunes in protracker format...
if anybody out there have them please let me know :)

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