Amiga musicians email addresses

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Amiga musicians email addresses

Post by Crown »

As you probably know I am working hard on creating a huge database of amiga musicians for and on trying to gather interviews from them aswell. I would need help from you all as I am seeking email addresses of musicians in order to contact them. It seems that some of you have a direct contact with some of them and it would be nice if you could share it. Please contact me by mail or PM.

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Post by alexh »

Ray Norrish is now active(ish) in the Amiga emulation scene, easy to get his email at the moment.

I remember reading the article about how he was disqualified at some scene party for trying to enter a music module that had already been released as a game....

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Post by asle »

Sylvain "Asle" Chipaux

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Post by KeMoT »

Nice project.
I like some tunes so much that I even like to express it in emails to the authors.
For example, I just love Allister Brimble's work but I couldn't get in touch with this musician so I emailed Team17 to ask them for it, guess what, I got feedback, they were very happy aboyt my emails :)

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