UADE 1.50-pre9

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UADE 1.50-pre9

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Please test the latest release of UADE. We are aiming towards the first stable release of the UADE2 series, possibly changing to a new version numbering scheme also (please suggest a new one).

I would especially like to point out that we switched from A1200 to A500 sound model which is very different. You can switch back to A1200 if you like, by editing uade.conf, however. The A500 always does noticeable filtering even if LED is off, but A1200 does very little in the same situation. I do not know how other players, such as Deliplayer, do filtering, but you might be surprised what UADE does. A500 and A1200 are really very different. Antti S. Lankila designed us great filters based on relatively accurate measurements (using studio class equipment (thanks to Pyksy)). Of course nothing is perfect, but still the results are very encouraging.

Also, now we have an XMMS plugin which should be a huge bonus for many users.

Testing that version is very important to find out bugs that would affect all the people who will try the first stable uade2 release, so please test.

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