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DJNick Deetronic Retro Protracker MODules MIX (1993-1996) HD

Posted: Sat Sep 07, 2013 2:13 pm
by djnykk
I've got many requests to upload some of the 4-channel only MOD files produced in Protracker on classic Amiga system [some were produced on Amiga500] during period of my teen-ages (1993-1996). So take a listen:

Nykk [ex djnick] Deetronic Retro Protracker MODules MIX (1993-1996) (2013) ... R9E8KMXtWw

Time | No. | Name (Year) & Speed (in bpm) | [Style]

00:00 01 Ja sam Marijana (1993) 152 bpm [dance]
03:29 02 Keep Your Body Movin' (1994) 152bpm [break-beat]
06:40 03 Malo Jače (1994) 152bpm [break-beat]
10:28 04 Make Me Crazy (1994) 155bpm [break-beat]
14:40 05 Madness (Never Stop) (1996) 160bpm [happy-rave]
18:04 06 The Book of Evil (1993) 172bpm [break-beat]
22:03 07 Never B The Same (1995) 194bpm [happy-rave]
27:11 08 Cyber Love (1996) 196bpm [happy-rave]
31:26 09 Hands of Fate (1996) 198bpm [happy-rave]
36:10 10 Pušite ga! (1996) 195bpm [hard-core rave] *
39:31 11 Aritmija // Arrhythmia (1995) 202bpm [hard-core rave]
42:51 12 Džabe - Babe (1995) 205bpm [hard-core rave]
46:00 13 Voices in My Head (1994) 197bpm [hard-core rave] *
* = Censored!

Censored songs are never-released songs [because they contains strong language] but I did it just because a lots of requests and because of lots of my retro-music fans.

I've included two music videos to [one of the first of this music style in this country]:

06:40 03 Malo Jače (1994) 152bpm [break-beat] and
31:26 09 Hands of Fate (1996) 198bpm [hard-core happy-rave]

Interesting facts:
* Ja sam Marijana song [I've done just for fun]:
00:00 01 Ja sam Marijana (1993) 152 bpm [dance]
has reached top 1. on chart list and was 11 weeks on the 1st place [!]
It was one of favorite songs of Zoran Modli / author of Modulacije [Modulations] radio show:
[scroll down for No. 24 - to listen original MOD file]

* My frst album ever released on ex Yugoslavia [tape only] happened in 1993 with some of the songs from this list. It was called "Teknoactive", cover design was done by Svet Kompjutera and was released by TIOLI [Take It Or Leave It].

* All songs were re-filtered through Željko Joksimović's studio and had 8 channels with reverb, compressor, equalizers and some other filters. It was done for better quality sound of Teknoactive tape. This uploaded mix was only raw 4 channel versions sampled directly from Protracker / Amiga.

Listen and download some of my latest releases on iTunes:
Nykk Deetronic: ... d669015004

More to come. Watch this space very soon!

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