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Puggsy (Real Exotic Non Bog Standard Unplayable .MOD Format)

Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2015 1:33 pm
This is the actual game rip of the music for Puggsy ripped with HXC for Windows. It's in a really exotic .MOD format that is curently unplayable so Wanted Team heres another one to get working and this one should be easy too as it's .MOD which most of the games with the format work but a really exotic one that isn't working currently.

Re: Puggsy (Real Exotic Non Bog Standard Unplayable .MOD For

Posted: Thu May 28, 2015 3:47 pm
by mld
as a follow up.

Just looked at the mods and it seems they are RNC packed FLT4s. You can depack those to standard mods with RNC propack from:

For Amiga:

Code: Select all

ppami u d pr/*.*
For DOS/Windows/DOSBOX:

Code: Select all

ppibm u d pr/*.*

or... head over to ;-)

After decrunching (or downloading) you can play those file with any of your trusted modplayers.

mld/uade team

Re: Puggsy (Real Exotic Non Bog Standard Unplayable .MOD For

Posted: Thu Nov 10, 2016 4:08 pm
Ahh so basically anything with mods like that has been crunched.

That means that the one on the site already are these same proper rips decrunched for us already right so they are not fake converts on the site of Lemmings and Puggsy afterall then?!!!!?

Well maybe the Lemmings is more complicated as that on the real files isn't a .mod or the soundplayer format it's just all named files on Lemmings which are named the same as they are on the soundplayer versions but without an extension at all.

mld as you are in charge of programming UADE to work with all the plugins 100% there is a problem on the lemmings soundplayer plugin for UADE where there is a byte bug thing as 2 of the tracks with larger bytes one of them being anarchy and the other being one of the later tims 8 or 10 I think doesn't load in UADE the BZR Player Windows Frontend of it but they do work in Deliplayer fine.

Also the software of UADE might want to be updated once more anyway as well as those soundplayer reading bug fixes due to there being a lot of new Wanted Team's/Deliplayers (Exotica Pack)/Eagleplayers "now that Eagleplayer 2.05 is out and has a viewable eagleplayers folder with a shed load of new plugins inside most missing from UADE and Deli too"

It might also be cool if Wanted Team made new versions of everything to be able to read every format of crunched files directly now that the technology is available to make music softwares play musics from zips already so can also be transferred into working with crunched files now but thats just a suggestion of fun to see if Wanted can pull it off.