X-masTime-THE FESTIVE SEASON (PD Game Diskrip)

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X-masTime-THE FESTIVE SEASON (PD Game Diskrip)

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I pratted around in this simple ripping tool Noiseconverter which can rip a tune in original format or convert it and I chose to save it as native so now we finally have all the music from the game in a proper diskrip.

We could really do with a new hack of Noiseconverter or new version if the authors still alive to rip all the Exotic Ripper formats and the others not even in that one as this ripper is simple you click the load button, pop in your disk, click on the disk or a file on the disk and it completely hex scans for tunes and saves them at the same time to the saving directory you choose.

It really does have the best interface for a ripper ever with no out of date load up the game, reboot with no startup and having to use shell coding to rip your tunes as it's all GUI based.

I really do hope him or one of you who can program a tool can use all the existing code and interface it with every format ever made we are craving for one.

In the meanwhile here is X-Mas Time. I will get rid of it though once it's on the main site as there would be no point in keeping it on box anymore after that but enjoy listening to it on it's current home.


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