Hidden parts in Amiga Demos

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Hidden parts in Amiga Demos

Post by asle »

I am searching for a list of all hidden parts in amiga demods I heard it was on raw online years ago can you help me? or then if you have made your own


Sylvain "Asle" Chipaux

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Re: Hidden parts in Amiga Demos

Post by kyz »

asle wrote:I am searching for a list of all hidden parts in amiga demods I heard it was on raw online years ago can you help me? or then if you have made your own


Oh, that takes me back.

I searched the Internet Archive, but i-Go moved and closed the RAW online parts before IA could capture them. I'll have a look for my old mail spools to see if I still have the initial mail to i-Go.

BTW, here's a quick summary of the list. Sanity Boggledop: waggle your joystick and race the potato. Mad Elks Technological Death: LMB on boot. Desert Dream: Insert disk 2. LMB, RMB and fire button on boot. Scoopex Pha-Q: boot a normal DOS disk and insert the pha-q disk. file 100 is an Amiga executable with the hidden part. All others: check out the boggledop endscroller, there's a large list that provided about 50% of the RAW online entries.

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Post by asle »

great, just great :).
Here, I've put temporaryly online this endtext you speak about : here.
Any other tips are more than welcomed !

Thanks again,

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Post by Coma »

And in 3LE's "The Tribe" you can try executing dontrunme.elk and robyn.elk... :)

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Post by zeg »

Secret and Hidden parts
try to find them :)
There are many more demos. Here We go for some. Have fun.

Abyss Mona Lisa Was A Man
Alcatraz Odyssey
Anarchy System Violation
Anarchy In The Kitchen
Anarchy Legalize It II
Andromeda Surrealism
Appendix Unjust Sentence
Arise Batman is a Motherfucker
Arise Pure Style
Avalon Out Of Time
Balance Software Failure
Beta Team Vengeance
Cadaver Marianne Myhrer Slideshow
Cave It's So Cool
Complex Gospel Karaoke
Darkness Robotic Cool
Digital Lethal Exit
DOC Demons Are Forever
Dreamdealers Arkham Asylum
Effect Nix Miz Mee #6
Effect Nix Miz Mee #7
Equinox Sonical Fantasia
Gods Future
Infect Helter Skelter II
Iris The Puppets
Jetset Armageddon
Kefrens Guardian Dragon 2
Kefrens Desert Dream
Kronical Delirium
Lemon Announce
Lemon Rink A Dink
Limited Edition Ophir Chasma
LSD Spheretro
Lynx Crew Party Massacre
Mad Elks Technological Death
Mad Elks Polish Autumn Party Invitation
Mad Elks Partro
Melon Dezign Human Target
Melon Dezign Guerilla In Bolivia
Melon Dezign How To Skin a Kat
Motion Confuzion
Movement Numb
New Wave Vector Up Your Ass
Noice Reduction Ad Absurdum
Panic Vector-Gfx
Panic Graphix Mania
Panic Vectorbirds
Parasite Imperial Tunes
Parasite Demo 2
Razor 1911 Memorial Songs 2
Razor 1911 Vertical Insanity
Razor 1911 We Shave Ass
Rebels Megademo II
TCC Design/RSI Megademo
Sanity boggledop
Sardonyx Seenpoint #2
Scoopex Seen Before
Scoopex World Charts #8
Scoopex Pha-Q
Scoopex Artcore
Three Little Elks 3LE The Tribe
TRSI Ecliptica
Union Rotate Mania
Vixen Codertro

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Post by asle »

uh ... that was the point :roll: . Mind to tell us/me how, indeed I can access these hidden parts ?.

Sylvain "Asle" Chipaux

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Post by Apollo »

Ad hoc I remember the one (are there others ??) in the Red Sector Megademo. Its in the Vector-Part. You have to press the firebutton on the Joystick in the 2nd Joyport. Dont know if it has to be all the time, or just at a specific point of time. I always did it all the time. There will be a funny scene at the end of the part.....


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Hidden Parts Secret Parts

Post by zeg »

Here we go again. Scenery Hidden-secret part overview Version: 0.91alpha pre stable.

Abyss: Mona Lisa Was A Man
not known yet.

Alcatraz: Odyssey
You must watch it to the end,
wait for the endscroller to finish, then type 'PRECALCULATE'.

Boot disk 2 for a cool animation...

Anarchy: Lemmand trackmo

Anarchy: System Violation
Press both mouse buttons while booting.
On booting, hold down both mouse
buttons. Just wait until the screen
goes black and the part starts loading
before letting go.

Anarchy: In The Kitchen
Hidden parts galore on this one!
When the screen goes black on booting,
type any of the following (which can
also be type while watching the endpart
if you prefer

Anarchy: Legalize It II
Ther are hidden tunes, accessed by pressing F4-F10. There are also 2 hidden parts.
not found yet.

Andromeda: Surrealism

Appendix: Unjust Sentence

Arise: Batman is a Motherfucker

Arise: Pure Style

Avalon: Out Of Time

Balance: Software Failure
Holding down the firebutton when booting activates a secret part.

Beta Team: Vengeance

Cadaver: Marianne Myhrer Slideshow

Cave: It's So Cool

Complex: Gospel Karaoke
not known yet; There is one mini Tetris game inside this musicdemo.

Complex: Equipose
Press joystick button.

Darkness: Robotic Cool

Darkage: Showtime 15
For the secret part he mentions in the scroller, type: WADE.

Digital: Afternoon Demo
There's no hidden part in this demo unlike
announced in text page.

Digital: Lethal Exit
This one is exactly the
same as the one for Technological
Death all you have to do is hold down
both mouse buttons while booting.

DOC: Demons Are Forever

Dreamdealers: Arkham Asylum
If you want to access it, then type COMBIEN OUI with AZERTY keymap during
the end scroller ( it's CO,BIEN OUI with QWERTY kepmap )
Try this on all of other dreamdealers demos & discover the secrets parts.

Dreamdealers: Ulitro
A little hidden part by typing DRD...

Effect: Nix Miz Mee #6
Effect: Nix Miz Mee #7

Equinox: Sonical Fantasia
A secret part can be accessed by pressing the right mouse button while loading.

Gods: Future
possible anybody knows?

Hardline: Black Energy
Press joystick button at selector part.

Infect: Helter Skelter II

Investation: Aman Demo
Press both mouse buttons while decrunching.

Iris: The Puppets

Jetset: Armageddon

Kefrens: Guardian Dragon 2
Boot disk 2 and press left mouse button.
Just insert the second disk and hold
the left mouse button until the hidden
part appears.

Kefrens: Desert Dream
Right there is two
hidden parts in this demo and this is
how to get into both of them. First
of all boot from disk two and straight
away a black screen comes up, now hold
down both mouse buttons and press the
fire button of a joystick plugged in
the normal joystick port. You will
get some text and then there are some
weird line effects, this is the first
hidden part. Wait until all these
line things have gone and there will
be some more text and another effect,
now you are in the second part.

Kronical: Delirium

Lego: Cosmonautic Jazz
Simply press both mouse buttons in the end scroller.

Lemon: Announce
To access the 'hidden part' type; LEMSHIP on the credits screen at the
beginning. Nothing will appear to have happened, but on the next screen
there will be a small bonus travelling across the top of the screen.

Lemon: Rink A Dink
we try later

Limited Edition: Ophir Chasma
hm ?

LSD: Jesus on E's
To get this test screen up just
hold down the fire button of a
joystick in the joystick port any time
during the demo, not during the
credits at the very start.

LSD: Spheretro
not found yet.

Lynx Crew: Party Massacre

Mad Elks: Technological Death
All you have to do is hold
both mouse buttons down while booting.
If this brings up a boot menu just
click on Boot and then hold down both
mouse buttons.

Mad Elks: Polish Autumn Party Invitation

Mad Elks: Partro

Melon Dezign: Human Target
Place disk in drive as usual and,
again, hold the left mouse button down.

Melon Dezign: Guerilla In Bolivia

Melon Dezign: How To Skin a Kat
all you have to do is watch
the whole demo and at the end when it
says "The End" in the bottom right
hand corner wait until a little cat
walks across the screen, stops and
then explodes.

Motion: Confuzion
Not known yet.

Movement: Numb
It's so easy, so press both mousebutton to watch nice hidden part.
And accessed by pressing the left mousebutton while booting.

New Wave: Vector Up Your Ass

Nuance: Subtle Shades
Press both mouse buttons while loading.

Noice: Reductio ad Absurdum
Hold down J while booting, then type ESUS for secret part.

Panic: Vector-Gfx
Just press the joystickbutton.

Panic: Graphix Mania
Load this demo with membername as parameter. For example; gfxmania member lynxx.

Panic: Vectorbirds

Parasite: Imperial Tunes
not known how to reach it.

Parasite: Demo 2
Type; SECRET PART for the hidden part.

Paradise: Virtual Meltdown
Type '??????' while Hi-res Monster is displayed.

Razor 1911: Memorial Songs 2

Razor 1911: Vertical Insaniy
Hold down the Right Mouse Button
while the main part decrunches for a
hidden "Technical" scroller and a rastertime counter.

Razor 1911: We Shave Ass
To access the hidden part, hold down the 'l'eft mouse button before the
'l' starts rotating in the beginning.

Rebels: Megademo II

TCC Design/RSI: Megademo
Try the joystick during the Vectorbobs part.

Sanity: Boggledop
To play the game move joystick left to right, if you're a good player,
you'll see a secret part!
Try also to press left mouse during the white plasma effect to see
the code...

Sanity: Interference

Sardonyx: Seenpoint #2

Scoopex: Seen Before
To enter the hidden part in the scoopex dentro called seen before,
simply hold the left mouse button down while decrunching.

Scoopex: World Charts #8
There is a secret part in this mag, type 'SIRBYH' to access it.

Scoopex: Pha-Q
Boot disk using your SHELL interface and load SCOOPEX FF file.

Scoopex: Artcore
There is a hidden part to be found through the maze at the end of gallery hall one - the hidden zone.

Silents: Demon Download
Press left mouse button while booting.

Sonic: Fish and Chips
Press right mouse button on the NOTE TO PD-DISTRIBUTORS page.

Stellar: Peverly Hills
not found the right way yet.

Three Little Elks 3LE: The Tribe
not known yet.

TRSI: Ecliptica
Type Bob Scroller Part.

Union: Rotate Mania

Vixen: Codertro

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Post by Coma »

> Three Little Elks 3LE: The Tribe
> not known yet.

Check earlier post :wink:

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