Mouarf, looking for old releases.

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Mouarf, looking for old releases.

Post by Syrion/Intryx »

Hi mates,

I'm looking for every demos you can get from an old group i was a member, called Intryx. It was a french group, usually considered as a lamers' group. But i enjoyed my time with them, and we released some nice stuffs. Several of my 3"1/2 disks are unusable now ;-(, but i'd really like to get a readable copy of all this work we had done.

For what i can remember, we've made a 'mega' demo called 'Checked Implosion' (coder : Sken, Z-ray zik : Z-ray (at least), Gfx : Chronos, Syrion), a rubik's cube dentro i can't remember the name, showing a 3D rubik's cube (coder : Sken and Albatros [ex Anarchy fr]) and several intros or dentros (one in amos) i still also can't remeber the names ... I'm sorry for these lack of precisions, but it was 15 years ago ...

Contact me :

Have a nice day.

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Post by SoLO »

hey syrion
check your mail :)

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Post by zeg »

Hello SOLO

I have mailed him 3 days ago.
"Checked Implosion", Ranked 3rd at the Intryx Party held in Lyon/France 05-06.09.1992.
"It Will Make You Mad" 10.12.1992.
"Last Lemming", april 1992.
"Nothing Interesting". april 1992.

Have you got others?

bye bye

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Post by cf »

this demo is on my site since the first time ! (thanx syrion for your message on my guestbook :P )
Checked Implosion

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