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Additions for Argon

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Argon was found in 1988 by me ( shortie ) and hicks 8520. We decided to start up a crew and learned what all important things : shortie became a coder and gfx-man, hicks was the musican and also gfx-man.
We found LOM 1301 ( not LON !!! ) who was a great swapper. He was the guy with the connections, so our other HQ´s where found. Der Chef joined us in 1990. We got 2 coders now ! So we tried to get more powerfull and got OMC, Pearl and Shark joining us. We released a few Intros and demos, some musicdiscs and then :
I had to go for militry. I tried to keep in tuch with the scene but I lost it and after 6 Years, Argon was dead. All members left us for other groups or stoped every activity. And now, I am watching some cool old stuff and would like to get back an amiga and start coding again :-)

- More facts coming up

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