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Game box cover artworker

Post by zeg » Tue Dec 24, 2002 9:58 pm

Most of the boxes cover images are even better
as the games inside.
The authors should have been credited as
well. But often you have to search
with some lenses for any kind of credits.

Some of the titles listed below
are not at Gallery already
We are working on it.
So a little Flood.

Bob Wakelin (wako) Operation Thunderbolt
Bob Wakelin Ivanhoe The Mighty Legend
Bob Wakelin Rainbow Island
Bob Wakelin New Zealand Story
Bob Wakelin Epic
Bob Wakelin ELF
Bob Wakelin Espana The Games 92
Bob Wakelin Wizkid
Bob Wakelin Narc
Bob Wakelin Shadow Warriors
Bob Wakelin Strider
Bob Wakelin Sleepwalker
Bob Wakelin Batman The Caped Crusader
Bob Wakelin Parasol Stars
Bob Wakelin Chase H.Q.
Bob Wakelin Voyager
Bob Wakelin Midnight Resistance
Bob Wakelin Striker
Bob Wakelin Head Over Heals
Bob Wakelin Lost Patrol
Bob Wakelin Space Gun
Celal Kandemiroglu (Celal) Atomino
Celal Tie Break
Celal Air Supply
Celal Lethal Xcess
Celal Circus Attractions
Celal Rock'n Roll
Celal Startrash
Celal Biing
Celal Dragonflight
Celal Legend Of Faerghail
Celal Lethal Xcess
Celal Muds
Celal No Second Prize
Celal Spherical
Celal Volleyball Simulator
Celal X-Out
Celal Zero Gravity
Celal Z-Out
Celal Turrican
Celal Turrican 2
Celal Turrican 3
Celal Spinworld
Celal Stone Age
Celal Domination
Celal Dyter 07
Celal Hollywood Poker Pro
Celal Detector
Celal Oil Imperium
Celal Voyages Of Discovery
Celal The Patricien
Celal Rings Of Medusa Gold
Celal Leavin' Teramis
Celal Powerstyx
Michael Hellmich Wild West World
Michael Hellmich Die Kathedrale
Michael Hellmich Kengi
Michael Hellmich Cubulus
Michael Hellmich Enchanted Land
Michael Hellmich Hexuma
Michael Hellmich O.B.Y. 1
Michael Hellmich Shiftrix
Michael Hellmich Think Twice
Michael Hellmich Tower Fra
Michael Hellmich Backgammon
Michael Hellmich Ghost Battle
Michael Hellmich A Prehistoric Tale
Herman C. Serrano Carrier Command
Herman Quartz
Herman Birds Of Prey
Herman Wreckers
Herman Weird Dreams
Herman Exile
Herman Dugger
Junior Tomlin Archipelagos
Junior Tomlin Prospector
Junior Tomlin Quadralien
Junior Tomlin Starray
Junior Tomlin Eye Of Horus
Junior Tomlin Raider
Junior Tomlin Star-Blaze
Junior Tomlin Bad Company
Junior Tomlin Emperor Of The Mines
Junior Tomlin Chariots Of Wrath
Steinar Lund The Armageddon Man
Steinar Lund The Hunt For Red Oktober
Steinar Lund Jahangir Khan World Championship Squash
Steinar Lund Manchaster United
Steinar Lund Terramax
Steinar Lund APB 'All Points Bulletin'
Steinar Lund Dark Side
Steinar Lund Driller
Steinar Lund Hellfire Attack
Steinar Lund Vindicators
Steinar Lund Mad Professor Mariarti
Steinar Lund Thunderbirds
Steinar Lund Total Eclipse
Steinar Lund Apprentice
Steinar Lund Xiphos
Steinar Lund Live And Let Die
Steinar Lund Stunt Car Racer
Steinar Lund Lords Of Chaos
Steinar Lund Kingpin
Steinar Lund Alcatraz
Steinar Lund Vikings Fields Of Conquest
Steinar Lund Ashes
Steinar Lund Pac-Mania
Steinar Lund Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix
Roger Dean Agony
Roger Dean Aquaventura
Roger Dean Brataccas
Roger Dean Chrono Quest
Roger Dean Shadow Of The Beast
Roger Dean Shadow Of The Beast II
Roger Dean & Tim White Terrorpods
Roger Dean Awesome
Roger Dean Barbarian Psygnosis
Peter Andrew Jones (PAJ) Targhan
Peter Andrew Jones PAj Interphase
Peter Andrew Jones PAj Badlands
Peter Andrew Jones PAJ Artura
Peter Andrew Jones PAJ Matrix Marauders
Peter Andrew Jones PAJ Cytron
Peter Andrew Jones Omnicron Conspiracy
Peter Andrew Jones Blood Money
Peter Andrew Jones Stryx
Peter Andrew Jones Venus The Flytrap
Peter Andrew Jones The Kristal
David John Rowe (DJR) Chubby Gristle
David John Rowe Zany Golf
David John Rowe The Sentinel
David John Rowe Populous
David John Rowe Populous 2
David John Rowe Aquatic Games
David John Rowe Risky Woods
David John Rowe Ferrari Formula 1
David John Rowe Shadow Of The Beast 3
David John Rowe Bill's Tomato Game
David John Rowe James Pond - Under Water Agent
David John Rowe James Pond 2 - Robocod
David John Rowe Peter Beardsley's International Football
David John Rowe Putty
David John Rowe Speedball
David John Rowe Kelly X
David John Rowe Flood
David John Rowe Pyramax
David John Rowe Shadow Of The Beast 3
David John Rowe Continental Circus
David John Rowe Gee Bee Air Rally
Peter Austin No Excuses
Peter Austin Amegas
Peter Austin Beast Lord
Peter Austin Turbo Cup Challange
Peter Austin Gladiators
Peter Austin Joe Blade
Peter Austin Joe Blade 2
Peter Austin Crash Garrett
Peter Austin War Machine
Peter Austin Twin Turbos
Steve Weston Tracker
Steve Weston Onslaught
Steve Weston Fish
Steve Weston Starglider 2
Steve Weston Silicon Dreams
Steve Weston Jinxter
Steve Weston Astaroth
Steve Weston Knight Orc

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The exotica Gallery in 2003

Post by zeg » Tue Dec 31, 2002 11:33 pm

We will have to show you the gallery titles
for 2003, and the 6th year of the gallery.

Alien fires,Astaroth,Aunt arctic,Balance of power,Better dead than alien,
Bomber bob,Bunny bricks,Downhill challenge,Flip-it and magnose,Growth,
Hillsfar,Hound of shadow, the,Jetsons, the,Light corridor, the,No greater glory,
Oldtimer (german),Paladin,Rebel racer (topshots),Roadraider,Silent service,
Space conquest,Spherical worlds,Sword of aragon,Tracon 2,Triango,
Where in the world is carmen sandiego?,6th sense investigations,After the war,Arctic fox,Australo piticus mechanicus,
Barbarian 2,Bismarck,Bug bomber,Cougar force,Dungeon masters assistant vol 2,
Garrison,Hoversprint,Humans 2, the jurassic levels,Infidel,Knight force,
Knights of the crystallion,Magic garden,the,Marble madness,Mixed up mother goose,Netherworld,
NY warrior,Planetfall,Quest for glory 2 trial by fire,Raider,Spike in transilvania,
Third reich,Thomas the tank engine and friends pinball,Tunnels of armageddon,UN squadron,Vindex,
War machine,Winter camp,Xenon,Yolanda,007 james bond the stealth affair,
10 intelligent strategy games,1869,1st division manager,20000 leagues under the sea,3D pool,
3D world boxing,3D world tennis,4D sports boxing,4D sports driving,4th and inches,
5th gear,688 attack sub,6th sense investigations,7 colors,9 lives,
A10 tank-killer,A320 airbus (usa edition),A320 approach trainer,Aaargh!,Abandoned places,
Abandoned places 2,Aces of the great sky,Action fighter,Action service,Action stations,
Addams family,the,ADI junior counting,Advanced destroyer simulator,Advanced ski simulator,Advanced tactical fighter 2,
Adventures of robin hood,the,Afrika korps,AfterBurner,After the war,Agony,
Airball,Airborne ranger,Air bucks,Air Strike USA,Air supply,
Air support,Akira,Aladdin,Alcatraz,Alien 3,
Alien breed,Alien breed 2,Alien breed 3D,Alien breed 92 special edition cd32,Alien breed killing grounds (3D2),
Alien breed tower assault,Alien drug lords,Alien legion,Alien storm,Alien syndrome,
Alien world,All dogs go to heaven,All new world of lemmings,Allo allo,All terrain racing,
Altered beast,Altered destiny,Amazing spiderman,the,Ambermoon,Amberstar,
Amegas,American gladiators,American tag-team wrestling,Amiga karate,A mind forever voyaging,
Amnios,Anarchy,Ancient art of war in the skies,Annals of rome,Another world,
Antheads it came from the desert II,Apidya,Apocalypse,Apprentice,Aquablast,
Aquanaut,Aquatic games,Aquaventura,Arabian nights,Arazok's tomb,
Arcade pool,Archer maclean's pool,Archipelagos,Archon collection,the,Arctic fox,
Arnie 2,Arthur,Art of chess, the,Artura,Ashes of empire,
Assasin,Asterix,Atax,Atomic robokid,Atomino,
A-train,Austerlitz,Australo piticus mechanicus,AV-8B harrier,Awesome,
B17 flying fortress,Baal,Baba yaga,Baby jo,Backlash,
Back to the future 2,Back to the future 3,Bad company,Bad dudes vs dragon ninja,Badlands,
Badlands pete,Balance of power 1990 edition,Ball game, the,Ballistix,Ballyhoo,
Bandit kings of ancient china,Bane of the cosmic forge,Bangkok knights,Banshee,Barbarian,
Barbarian,Barbarian 2,Barbarian 2,Bards tale,the,Bards tale 2,the,
Bard's tale 3,the,Bart vs space mutants,Base jumpers,BAT,Bat 2,
Batman returns,Batman the caped crusader,Batman the movie,Battlechess,Battlechess 2,
Battle command,Battle for the ashes,Battlehawks 1942,Battle isle,Battle isle 93,
Battle isle data vol 1,Battle master,Battle ships,Battle squadron,Battlestorm,
Battletech,Battletoads,Battle valley,BBC match of the day,BC kid,
Beach volley,Beast busters,Beastlord,Beavers,Behind the iron gate,
Beneath a steel sky,Beneath a steel sky cd32,Benefactor,Benefactor cd32,Berlin 1948,
Betrayal,Beverley hills cop,Beyond ice palace,Beyond zork,Big business,
Bignose the caveman,Big run,Billiards 2,Bills tomato game,Biochallenge,
Bionic commando,Birds of prey,Bismarck,Black cauldron,the,Black crypt,
Black gold,Black lamp,Black tiger,Black viper,Blade of destiny~realms of arkania,
Blade warrior,Blastar,Blasteroids,Blitzkreig,Blob,
Block out,Blood money,Bloodnet,Bloodwych,Bloodwych data disk 1,
Blue and the gray, the,Blue angel 69,Blues brothers, the,Bobo,Bobs bad day,
Body blows,Body blows galactic,Bograts,Bombuzal,Bonanza bros,
Booly,Borobodur planet of doom,Borodino,Borrowed time,Boston bomb club,
Bram stokers dracula,Brat,Brataccus,Bravo, romeo, delta,Breach,
Breach 2,Breathless,Brian the lion,Brides of dracula,Brigade commander,
Brutal paws of fury,Brutal football,BSS jane seymour,Bubba'n'stix,Bubble and squeak,
Bubble bobble,Bubble dizzy,Buck rogers countdown to doomsday,Budokan,Buffalo bills rodeo games,
Bug bomber,Buggy boy,Bullys sporting darts,Bump'n'burn cd32,Burntime,
Bush buck,Butcher hill,Cabal,Cadaver,Caesar deluxe,
California games,California games 2,Campaign,Campaign 2,Campaign data~north africa/ northern europe,
Cannon fodder,Cannon fodder 2,Capital punishment,Capone,Captain blood,
Captain dynamo,Captain fizz meets the blaster-trons,Captain planet,Captive,Cardiaxx,
Carnage,Carrier command,Carthage,Car v up,Castle of dr. brain,
Castle master,Castles,Castle warrior,Catch'em,Cedric,
Celtic legends,Centurion defender of rome,Challenge golf,Challenger,Chambers of shaolin,
Chambers of the sci-mutant priestess,Championship baseball,Championship golf,Championship manager 93,Championship manager 94,
Championship manager italia,Championship run,Champions of krynn,Champions of the raj,Chaos engine,the,
Chaos engine 2,the,Chariots of wrath,Chase hq,Chase hq 2,Chessmaster 2000,the,
Chips challenge,Christmas lemmings,Chronicles of omega,Chronoquest,Chronoquest 2,
Chubby gristle,Chuckie egg,Chuck rock,Chuck rock 2,Circus attractions,
Cisco heat,CJ in the USA,Classic board games,Cliffhanger,Clockwiser,
Cloud kingdoms,Clown'o'mania,Club and country,Club football the manager,Clue master detective (cluedo),
Clue, the,Coala,Codename hellfire,Code-name: iceman,Cohort 2,
Colonels bequest, the,Colonisation,Colony,the,Colorado,Colossus chess x,
Combat air patrol,Combo racer,Conan the cimmerian,Conflict,Conflict europe,
Conqueror,Conquests of camelot,Continuum,Cool croc twins,the,Cool spot,
Cool world,Corporation,Corruption,Cosmic pirate,Cosmic spacehead,
Cougar force,Count Duckula,Covert action,Crackdown,Craps academy,
Crash Garrett,Crazy cars 2,Crazy cars 3,Creature,Creatures,
Cricket captain,Crime does not pay,Crossbow,Cruise for a corpse,Crystal dragon,
Crystal kingdom dizzy,Crystals of arborea (german),Curse of enchantia,Curse of ra, the,Curse of the azure bonds,
Custodian,Cutthroats,Cyberball,Cybercon 3,Cybernoid 2,
Cyberpunks,Cyber world,Cycles,the,Cytron,Dalek attack,
Damocles,Dan dare 3,Dangerous streets,Dark castle,Dark castle (alt),
Dark century,Dark fusion,Darkman,Darkmere,Dark queen of krynn,the,
Darkseed,Darkseed cd32,Darkside,Darius,Das boot,
Datastorm,Dawn patrol,Day of the pharoah,Day of the viper,Days of thunder,
D-day,Deadline,Deathbringer,Death knights of krynn,Deathmask,
Deathtrap,Deep core,Deep core cd32,Deep space,Deep,the,
Defender of the crown,Defenders of the earth,Deja vu,Deliverance,Deluxe strip poker,
Demoniak,Denaris,Dennis,Desert strike,Destroyer,
Detroit,Deuteros,Devious design,D/generation,Dick tracy,
Die hard 2,Diggers,Dinosaur detective agency,Dinosaur discovery kit,Dino wars,
Disc,Discovery in the steps of columbus,Disposable hero,Dizzy panic,Dizzy prince of the yolkfolk,
Dogfight,Dojo dan,Donk,Doodlebug,Double daily horse racing,
Double dragon,Double dragon 2,Double dragon 3,Dragon breed,Dragon fighter,
Dragonflight,D.R.A.G.O.N. force,Dragons breath,Dragon scape,Dragons lair,
Dragons lair~escape from singes castle,Dragons lair 2,Dragons lair 3,Dragons of flame,Dragon spirit,
Dragon stone,Dragonstrike,Dragon wars,Drakken,Dr. doom's revenge,
Dreadnoughts,Dreadnoughts plus,Dreamweb,Drivin force,Driller,
Dr plummets house of flux,Duck Tales,Duel, the,Dugger,Dungeon master,
Dungeon master 2,Dungeon quest,Dungeons, dragons, alchemists,Dune,Dune 2,
Dynablaster,Dynamite dux,Dynasty wars,Dyter-07,Eagles nest,
Ebonstar,Eco phantoms,Edd the duck,Elf,Elf (2nd version),
Elfmania,Eliminator,Elite,Elvira,Elvira 2,
Embryo,Emerald mine,Emerald mine 2,Emlyn hughes international soccer,E-motion,
Emperor of the mines,Empire,Empire soccer 94,Empire strikes back,the,Encounter,
Enlightenment,Entity,Epic,Erik,Escape from colditz,
Escape from the planet robot monsters,Espana-the games'92,Espionage (german),Eswat,European champions,
European superleague,Evil garden,Exile,Exolon,Exterminator,
Eye of horus,Eye of the beholder,Eye of the beholder 2,F1 (domark),F1 grand prix,
F117A stealth fighter,F-15 strike eagle 2,F-16,F-19 stealth,F-29 retaliator,
F/A 18 interceptor,Face-off hockey,Faery tale adventure,Falcon,Fantastic dizzy,
Fantastic voyage,Fantasy manager 95/96,Fast break,Fast food,Fast lane,
Fatman the caped consumer,Fears,Fernandez must die,Ferrari,Feud,
Feudal lords,Fields of glory,Fiendish freddies big top'o'fun,Fifa international soccer,Fighter bomber,
Fighting soccer,Fighting spirit,Final battle,the,Final blow,Final command,
Final fight,Fire and forget,Fire and forget 2,Fire and ice,Fireblaster,
Fire brigade,Firehawk,Fire force,Fireteam 2200,Fire zone,
First samurai,Fish,Flashback,Fleet med,Flight of the amazon queen,
Flight of the intruder,Flight simulator 2,Flimbo's quest,Flink cd32,Flood,
Floor 13,Fly fighter,Fly harder,Fools errand,the,Football director 2,
Football glory,Football manager 2,Football manager 2 + exp. kit,Football simulator, the,Forgotten worlds,
Fort apache,Frankenstein,Fright night,Frontier Elite,Frost byte,
Full contact,Full metal planete,Fury of the furries,Fusion,Future basketball,
Futuresport,Future wars,Fuzzball,Galactic conqueror,Galactic invasion,
Galactic warrior rats,Galaxy force,Galdragons domain,Games,the. summer edition,Garfield winters tail,
Garrison,Garrison 2,Gateway to the savage frontier,Gauntlet 2,Gauntlet 3,
Gazza's super soccer,Gazza 2,GBA championship basketball,Gearworks,Gee bee air rally,
Genesia,Genghis khan,Gettysburg,Gfl championship football,Ghostbusters 2,
Ghosts'n goblins,Ghouls and ghosts,Global effect,Global gladiators,Globdule,
GLOC R360,Gloom,Gnome ranger,Goal,Gobliins,
Gobliins 2,Gobliins 3,Godfather,the,Gods,Golden axe,
Golden eagle,Golden path,Gold of the aztecs,the,Gold of the realm,Gold runner,
Goldrunner 2,Goldrush,Graeme souness vector soccer,Graffiti man,Graham gooch second innings,
Graham gooch world class cricket,Graham taylors soccer challenge,Grand monster slam,Grand slam,Gravity,
Great napoleonic battles,Greg norman's shark attack golf,Greg norman's ultimate golf,Gremlins 2,Gridstart,
Grimblood,Guardian,Guardian angel,Guild of thieves, the,Gunboat,
Gunship,Gunship 2000,Guy spy,Hacker 2,Hagar the horrible,
Hammerfist,Hardball,Hardball 2,Hard drivin,Hard drivin 2,
Hard nova,Harlequin,Harpoon,Harpoon med conflict,the,Harpoon scenario editor,
Harrier combat simulator,Hawkeye,Head over heels,Heart of china,Heart of the dragon,
Heavy metal,Heimdall,Heimdall 2,Hellbent,Hellraider,
Helter skelter,Heroes of the lance,Hero quest,Hero quest return of the witchlord,Hero's quest,
High seas trader,High steel,Hillsea lido,Hill street blues,Hired guns,
Historyline 1914~1918,Hitch-hikers guide to the universe,Hollywood hijinx,Hollywood poker,Home alone,
Hong kong phooey,Hook,Horror zombies from the crypt,Horse racing,Hostage rescue mission,
Hostages,Hotrod,Hoverforce,Hoversprint,Hoyle's book of games (cards),
Huckleberry hound in hollywood capers,Hudson Hawk,Human race the jurassic levels,Humans, the,Humans, the cd32,
Humans 2, the jurassic levels,Humans 3,Hunter,Hunt for red october,the,Hunter killer,
Hybris,Hydra,Hyperdome,Hyperforce,Ian botham's cricket,
Ikari warriors,Immortal, the,Impact,Imperium,Imposible mission 2025,
Incredible crash dummies, the,Incredible shrinking sphere,Indiana jones and the fate of atlantis,Indiana jones and the last crusade,Indiana jones and the temple of doom,
Indianapolis 500,Indy heat,Infestation,Infidel,Innocent until caught,
Insanity fight,Insects in space,Intact,International 3d tennis,International championship athletics,
International golf,International ice hockey,International one day cricket,International rugby challenge,International soccer,
International truck racing,Interphase,Ironlord,Ishar,Ishar2,
Ishar3,Ishido,Italia 1990,Italy 1990,It came from the desert,
Ivanhoe,Jack nichlaus golf,Jaguar xj220,Jaws,James pond 2 robocod,
James pond 3,James pond underwater agent,Jet,Jetpilot,Jet set willy,
Jetsons (box only),Jetstrike,Jimmy whites snooker,Jinxter,Joan of arc,
Jocky wilson's darts,Joe & mac: caveman ninja,Joe blade,John barnes european football,John madden american football,
Journey,Judge dredd,Jug,Jumping jackson,Jump jet,
Jungle strike,Jupiters masterdrive,Jurassic park,K240,Kampfgruppe,
Karate kid,the. part 2,Karting grand prix,Keef the thief,Kelly x,Kennedy approach,
Kenny dalglish soccer match,Keys to maramon,the,KGB,Khalaan,Kick off,
Kick off 2,Kick off 3,Kid chaos,Kid gloves,Kid gloves 2,
Kikstart 2,Killing cloud,the,Killing game show, the,Kingdoms of england,Kingmaker,
King of chicago,the,Kingpin,Kings bounty,Kings quest,Kings quest 2,
Kings quest 3,Kings quest 4 ,Kings quest 5,Kings quest 6,Kings table the legend of ragnarok,
Klax,Knight force,Knight orc,Knightmare,Knights of the crystallion,
Knights of the sky,Knights of the sky (2nd version),Kristal, the,Kristal, the (cinemaware),Krustys funhouse,
Kult,Kwik snax,Labrinth of time,the,Lara '96,Last action hero,
Last battle,Last inca,the,Last ninja 2,Last ninja 3,Las vegas,
Leander,Leather goddesses of phobos,Leatherneck,L.E.D. storm,Legend,
Legend of djel,Legend of kyrandia,Legend of Robin Hood,the,Legend of the lost,Legend of the sword,
Legend of william tell, the,Legends,Legends of valour,Leisure suit larry 1,Leisure suit larry 2,
Leisure suit larry 3,Leisure suit larry 5,Lemmings,Lemmings 2 the tribes,Lethal weapon,
Licence to kill,Liberation,Life and death,Line of fire,Lionheart,
Lionking, the,Little divil,Little puff in dragonland,Liverpool,Locomotion,
Lombard rac rally,Loom,Loopz,Lord of the rings,Lords of chaos,
Lords of the realm,Lords of the rising sun,Lost dutchman mine,Lost patrol,Lost vikings, the,
Lotus 3,Lotus esprit turbo challenge,Lotus turbo challenge 2,Lure of the temptress,Lurking horror,the,
M1 tank platoon,Macdonald land,Mach 3,Magic boy,Magic fly,
Magic garden,the,Magic johnsons basketball,Magic land dizzy,Magic marble,Magic mvp johnson,
Magic pockets,Main battle tank central germany,Main battle tank middle east,Main battle tank north germany,Major motion,
Malta storm,Manager,the,Manchester united,Manchester united europe,Manchester United the double,
Manchester united premier league champions,Manhunter new york,Manhunter 2 san francisco,Maniac mansion,Maniax,
Manic miner,Manix,Marble madness,Marvins marvellous adventure,Master blazer,
Master ninja,Matrix marauders,Mayday squad,Mean machine,Mean streets,
Medieval warriors,Megalomania,Mega motion,Megatraveller 1,Megatraveller 2,
Megatwins,Menace,Mercenary,Mercenary 3,Mercs,
Metal masters,Metal mutant,Miami chase,Mickey's jigsaw puzzles,Microcosm cd32,
Micromachines,Microprose soccer the football simulator,Midnight resistance,Midwinter,Midwinter 2,
Mig 29 fulcrum,Might and magic 2,Might and magic 3,Mighty bombjack,Millenium 2.2,
Mindbender,Mindfighter,Mindshadow,Mindwalker,Minskies the abduction,
Mission elevator,Mixed up mother goose,Monkey island,Monkey island 2,Monopoly,
Monty python's flying circus,Moonbases,Moonfall,Moonmist,Moonshine racers,
Moonstone,Moonwalker,Morph,Mortal combat,Mortal combat 2,
Motor bike madness,Mr blobby,Mr nutz,M.U.D.S.,Multi player soccer manager,
Munsters,the,Murder!,Murders in space,Myst,Mystical,
Myth,Nam 65-75,Napoleon I,Narc,Nascar challenge,
Naughty ones,Navy seals,Nebulous,Necronom,Neighbours,
Netherworld,Neuromancer,Nevermind,New zealand story, the,Nick faldos championship golf,
Nicky boom,Nigel mansell's grand prix,Nigel mansells world championship,Nightbreed,the,Nightbreed,the (alt),
Nightdawn,Nightshift,Ninja rabbits,Ninja remix,Ninja spirit,
Ninja warriors,Nippon safes inc,Nitro,Nitro boost challenge,No excuses,
Nord and bert could'nt make head or tail of it,North and south,No second prize,Nova 9,Nuclear war,
NY warrior,Obitus,Obliterator,Odyssey,Oh no more lemmings,
Oil imperium,Olo fight,Olympic challenge,Omega,Omicron conspiracy,
One step beyond,On safari,Onslaught,On the ball league edition,On the ball world cup edition,
Operation cleanstreets,Operation harrier,Operation spruance,Operation stealth,Operation thunderbolt,
Operation wolf,Ork,Oscar,Outlaw,Out of this world (another world),
Outrun,Outrun europa,Outzone,Overdrive,Overkill,
Overlord,Overrun,Oxxonian,P-47 thunderbolt,Pacific islands,
Pacland,Pacmania,Panzer battles,Paperboy,Paperboy 2,
Paradroid 90,Paranoia complex,the,Parasol stars,Patrician, the,Pawn, the,
Pegasus,Perfect general, the,Perfect general, the.scenario disk,Perihelion,Persian gulf inferno,
Personal nightmare,Phobia,PGA european tour,PGA tour golf,PGA tour tournament course disks,
Phantasie III the wrath of nikademus,Pick'n pile,Pierre le chef is out to lunch,Pictionary,Pinball dreams,
Pinball dreams/ fantasies special edition,Pinball fantasies,Pinball illusions,Pinball mania,Pinball prelude,
Pinkie,Pioneer plague,Pipe mania,Piracy on the high seas,Pirates,
Pitfighter,Pixie and dixie,Pizza connection,Plague,the,Plan 9 from outer space,
Planetfall,Platoon,Player manager 2 extra,Plotting,Plundered hearts,
Police quest,Police quest 2,Police quest 3,Pool of radience,Pools of darkness,
Popeye 2,Populous,Populous 2,Populous data disks,Populous world editor,
Portal,Ports of call,Postman pat 3,POW,Powerboat US,
Power drift,Power drive,Power monger,Powermonger ww1 data,Powerstyx,
Power,the,P.P.Hammer and his pneumatic weapon,Predator 2,Prehistorik,Premier division,
Premiere,Premier manager,Premier manager 2,Premier manager 3,Premier manager 3 deluxe,
Primal rage,Prime mover,Prince,Prince of persia,Pro boxing simulator,
Professional football simulation,Projectyle,Project neptune,Project x,Pro soccer,
Prosoccer 2190,Prospector in the mazes of xor,Protector,Pro tennis tour 2,Puggsy,
Purple saturn day,Pursuit to earth,Pushover,Putty,Puzznic,
Quantox,Quartz,Question of sport, a,Quest for glory 2 trial by fire,Quest of agravain, the,
Questron 2,Quintette,Quizam!,Race drivin,Raffles,
Raider,Railroad tycoon,Rainbow islands,Rainbow warrior,Rally championships,
Rambo 3,Rampage,Rampart,Rangers fc,Ranx,
Reach for the stars 3rd edition,Real ghostbusters,the,Realms,Rebel charge at chickamauga,Red baron,
Red heat,Red lightening,Red storm rising,Red zone,Renegade legion interceptor,
Resolution 101,Return to atlantis,Reunion,Revenge of defender,Rick dangerous,
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Post by Muerto » Wed Jan 01, 2003 1:03 am

man... dont you have a party to go to??? i mean, get drunk for real....!!!

Happy new year!!!

-- you cant escape Muerto --

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Post by zeg » Wed Jan 01, 2003 12:35 pm

Naah, i get drunk by viewing all the cover scans we have made. :)
bye bye

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Post by Muerto » Sun Jan 12, 2003 3:54 pm

.. and it isent so expensive either!!!
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Re: Game box cover artworker

Post by XtC » Fri Sep 05, 2003 12:42 pm

zeg (24/Dec/02) wrote:Some of the titles listed below
are not at Gallery already
We are working on it.
zeg (01/Jan/03) wrote:We will have to show you the gallery titles
for 2003, and the 6th year of the gallery.
...and the following timestamps give the game away...

Code: Select all

Index of
 Name                    Last modified       Size  Description
 Parent Directory        04-Aug-2002 19:14      -  
 gameinfo.html           28-Jul-2002 09:07   359k  
 gameinfo.txt            28-Jul-2002 09:09   358k  
...over a year since the last gallery update, so I took the liberty of posting on the following forum, under misc...


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