The Top 100 Amiga Games of all Time

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The Top 100 Amiga Games of all Time

Post by Harrison »

I'm pleased to announce the launch of the survey:

The Top 100 Amiga Games of All Time!

Our goal is to get as many Amiga fan to take part as we can, so we can create the definitive Top 100 list of Amiga games of all time.

You will be asked during the survey to select your personal Top 10 Amiga games from a list of over 300 games. Each person's Top 10 will then be combined to decide the final Top 100 games list, which will be published once the survey is concluded.

Due to the total number of games released for the Amiga over the years, we decided it would not be possible to include them all. Instead, using a selection process, we picked the most popular and best games released for the Amiga to offer a choice of 300 games for you to pick from. We hope all of your favourites are included, and apologise if we have missed any out.

Please visit to take part.


You have to register to take part in this survey, and will be emailed a unique access url to take part once you have. Your registration details will not be used for anything other than this survey, as the registration is only to ensure that each person taking part only submits their game choices once.

On the second page of the survey we are asking additional information about each person taking the survey, but you do not have to complete these questions if you do not wish to. However these questions will help us build a better picture of the Amiga fans still supporting this great system today.

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