Games Industry Voice-over legend turns 19

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Games Industry Voice-over legend turns 19

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Games Industry Voice-over legend turns 19

Colin the Burmese cat turns 19, to appear at Bath Spa University.

Colin, a Burmese cat will appear alongside his owner, music & audio legend
Allister Brimble (hundreds of audio tracks over the years including many of
the early Team17 hits) at Bath Spa University this week.

Colin was perhaps one of the very first voice over artists to actually be an
animal and provided the basis for many of the sound-effects that were to
grace Team17's break-out hit 'Alien Breed' in 1991, to which a glamorous
next-gen sequel was launched on XBLA late last year.

We can assure everyone that Colin wasn't harmed in the development of the
game, but was ultimately 'encouraged' to make the mewling sounds which were
finally mixed with elephant noises to create scary sounding Alien screams.

At 19 and a grand old 171 in cat's years, it is currently unknown if Colin
will star in any future titles and is getting busy doing very little in his
Exeter retreat.

Allister also penned a modern remake of his classic Alien Breed opening
track, which features in "Alien Breed Evolution's" credit section.

Photos of Colin (when he starred in Alien Breed) and now, at 19 are
Little Burmese.jpg
colin 18 02.jpg
(press release written by Martyn Brown)

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