name of game, puzzle block moving game, HELP

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name of game, puzzle block moving game, HELP

Post by SpeciesXX »

hi there,

i'm 22 years now, and as a little kid i used to play this game a lot, but can't remember the name
i can't find it on the internet either, so you guys are my last hope

it's a little bit like sokoban, moving (pushing) around blocks

you play with a green looking guy, i think it was a sort of insect (with him you push the blocks)
the purpose of the game is to solve all the levels
each level has different kind of blocks
(with : a diamond
a triangle
a square
a sphere

each kind of blocks you need to push to eachother, so they all tough eachtoher (horizontal en vertical)
when done this, they disapper
example: 1 block diamond
[1][1][1][ ][ ]
[1][ ][ ][ ][ ]
[1][1][ ][ ][ ]
[1][1][ ][ ][ ]
[1][1][1][1][ ]
they all tough eachother, so the disappear

there where also some other things:
some squares you could only walk over 1 2 or 3 times, after that they became solid wall
there where also dummy-blocks, these you did not have to solve, but they just where nasty, cuz they took out room
also there where 2 kind of power-ups:
1 let you pull a blok 1 square
2 would let you extend a limit-move square
(now you could move 2 times over it instead of
1 time before it got a wall)

i hope you guys know enough

thanx for the help alrdy



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Post by Anouk »

But in what system you played ?
in AMIGA ?

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Post by MAD »


Wasn't it SKWEEK?

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Post by Muerto »

... in Skweek (as far as i remember) the purpose was to make all the squares green og blue... like Jumping Jackson, but you only have to move over the squares....
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