Hello from an ex-#amigaexotic visitor

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Hello from an ex-#amigaexotic visitor

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Hello, it's _NiCeGuY_ here :).
I'm still lurking around Amiga websites, can't help myself. Anyway I ditched my PC for an iMac Intel Duo 20". For me it has much of the wow and fun effect that Windows never had on me (photobooth rules! :P). Doing some webdevelopment (writing an CMS for fun), playing World of Warcraft on the iMac. My Amiga's however hasn't been in use much these last few years :(. Did get an A600 though, so now I have 5 Amiga's. Was doing some coding to get a nice menu with controller (joystick1/2/keyboard selection) in that old Biplanes game last year, but didn't finish it.
I'm hoping that guy who is trying to remake all custom chips on one FPGA chip makes a portable Amiga so I can play Amiga games on the bus/train :D. ok, enough ranting for now :P.
Good luck with you website!!

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