Turrican Soundtrack Anthology by Chris Hülsbeck

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Turrican Soundtrack Anthology by Chris Hülsbeck

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Ey up!

Message from Chris Hülsbeck...
It’s been almost 20 years since I released the acclaimed Turrican Soundtrack Album and I have been thinking about a worthy follow-up for quite some time now. I would love to create an awesome and extensive new edition, with all new recordings, but I can’t do it without your support! Creating and producing any new album and especially one of this magnitude is a very time consuming and budget-hungry matter--but counting on you and all my other fans out there, it can be made possible!
The Kickstarter website for pledges can be found here.

Sounds rather splendid to me and works out at about £30 for the box set. :D

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Re: Turrican Soundtrack Anthology by Chris Hülsbeck

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MUST... HAVE.... THIS... :shock:
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