JESTER (aka Volker Tripp [Germany])


NameSize (kb)YearComment
Basic Instinct1061992
Breakout Remix901992
Breath of Life831992
Crack a Eggshell531992from Sanity "Boggledop/Sane Gear" dentro
Cyberride1201993from Pygmy Projects "Extension" trackmo
Distances731991from "Hack Mag"
Elysium841991from Sanity "Elysium"
Flower Power1321992also known as "mod.Anarchy-Main"
Harm Me With Harmony1211994from Sanity "Roots"
Molecules Revenge1101992
My Glamorous Life1281992from Sanity "Jesterday" musicdisk
Optimum Fuckup1281992from Sanity "Optimum Fuckup"
Palles Theme2 *271992from some Sanity packdisk menu
Rage Is Relentless1411994from Sanity "Roots"
Spice it Up121993from Sanity "Hospital Since Friday" intro
Startdust memories1091992
Terminal Fuckup961993from Sanity "Terminal Fuckup" dentro
also known as "mod.The Machinery"

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all modules from Jester -collection (2.8M) including those above (except *) plus:
Anarchy-Loader1992from Anarchy "Flower Power"
Blue Curacao-
Children of Science1991
Fast Food1990
sd.Hiscore1990from game "Straight Down"
Juicy Fruit1992from "RAW ??"
Lemon Soda1992from Mirage "Chit Chat"
Life May Change1990
Nazgul1992from Sanity "Jesterday" musicdisk
Someone's Waiting21991
Taste of Your Tears1991
Whisper-My-Thoughts1991never finished, but was used in
some strange Panic intro
Wizardry1992from Sanity "Jesterday" musicdisk