LIZARDKING (aka Gustaf Grefberg [Sweden])

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I strongly recommend links above, those are much more complete than this page.

NameSize (kb)Comment
A Way to Freedom125from Citron Diskmag "Oepir Risti 5"
Blind Intro107
Bosvedjan Jam99
Compulsion to Obeyn248from Razor 1911 "Memorial Songs II"
Desert Dawn197
Doskpop119from Razor 1911 "Quite Unusual"
Doskpop -modsn451
Flying World22
For The People!!!152-
Full Rulle Med Klas102
Lizardkings Themen97
Longstabben143from Razor 1911 "Memorial Songs II"
Magic Nights85from Razor 1911 "Memorial Songs II"
Memorial Theme119from Razor 1911 "Memorial Songs II"
My Little Oliphant84from Razor 1911 "Memorial Songs II"
Nordic Report #2131-
Nordic Report #3131-
Orthanc125from Razor 1911 "Memorial Songs II"
Physiology_Theme116from Razor 1911 "Memorial Songs II"
Summer in Sambia158
Sunshine Dance73from Razor 1911 "Memorial Songs II"
Tango Love Songn58
Thematic Hymn77from Razor 1911 "Memorial Songs II"
Trans Atlantic218
Water Below79from Razor 1911 "Memorial Songs II"
Weird Personalities103from Razor 1911 "Memorial Songs II"
Wild Impressions 268
World of Fantasy174
Whack-Bonk116from "Absolute Swedish"
Wild McArthur423
Walkabout Adventuren131
Welcome Homen42

Later productions
NameSize (kb)Comment
Art of Chrome178FastTracker v2.00 module (.xm)
Age of Legends587FastTracker v2.00 module (.xm)
Claustrophobia 2367FastTracker v2.00 module (.xm)
Crayfish Party329protracker module
Far From Home220FastTracker v2.00 module (.xm)
Forsaken644FastTracker v2.00 module (.xm)
LK 2.0355FastTracker v2.00 module (.xm)
Triton Theme384FastTracker v2.00 module (.xm)
Underworld Dreams462protracker module
Ooo uh uh uh439FastTracker v2.00 module (.xm)
Wild McArthur318FastTracker v2.00 module (.xm)
World of Dragons398FastTracker v2.00 module (.xm)
World of Mages163FastTracker v2.00 module (.xm)
World of Unicorns704FastTracker v2.00 module (.xm)