MOBY (aka Frederic Motte [France])

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NameSize (kb)YearComment
Arkham Asylum117-from Alliance Design & Dreamdealers "Arkham Asylum"
Bounga721992from Dreamdealers "From France"
Butcher's Madness84-
Cortouchka131-also known as "mod.Substance II"
Drink My Pain Away741992from TSB "Massage Box"
Elektrik Funk152-from Sanity "Arte"
Groovy Thing131-from Dreamdealers "Inner Vision"
KnullaKuk821991also known as "mod.Substance"
Let There Be Funk 280-from Dreamdealers "Tales of a Dream"
Living Insanity861993from Sanity "Arte"
Mobyle94-from Sanity "Arte"
More Than Music(2)1941991?from "More Than Music"
One121-Metallica "One" remake
Progressive Funk74-
Perforth Blues1111991
Sea of Love128-
Speed Rules55-
This is Trash92-