TIP+MANTRONIX+FIREFOX (aka Robert Ling/Martin Wall [Sweden])

NameSize (kb)YearComment
Act of Impulse57-from Phenomena "Crystal Symphonys II"
Animotion85-from Phenomena "Animotion"
Behind the Walls51990by Mantronix
Blue House 281-from Rebels "Blue House 2"
Chinese Dream61-by TIP+Firefox
Disaster is Obvious92-by TIP+Firefox
Echoes of Conflict1741991by Mantronix
Enigma128-from Phenomena "Enigma"
Gateway76-from Phenomena "Crystal Symphonys II"
Necroscope221990by Mantronix
Joyride85-from Phenomena "Joyride"
Just Spank It65-from Phenomena "Music Dream II"
Overload1351991winner of "The Party I" modcompo
also used in Razor 1911's "Voyage"
Walking on Jade46-from Phenomena "Crystal Symphonys II"