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Well, as you might have suspected, this page contains coverdisks of Amiga magazines for use with any Amiga emulator.
This site contains coverdisks of Amiga Action, The One, CU Amiga, Amiga Power, Amiga Computing and
Amiga Format. I'm planning to add coverdisks of Amiga Games, Amiga Shopper, Amiga User International and some other magazines....
The description of each game is exactly the same as in the original magazines.
You will notice that I don't have all coverdisks mentioned, so if anybody has those coverdisks (mine are gone, broken, corrupt...) please mail them to me: MrDig@hotmail.com I would like to see my humble collection to be complete again.
For any comments, questions and broken links don't hesitate to contact me... Well I have talked enough now..... Let's get to those old lovely coverdisks!

This site is best viewed at 1024 x 768 with Internet Explorer 5x, It will look like .... in smaller screenmodes..
You'll have to click on the big pictures to download any coverdisk.
- 03 August 2001

       - Well, after more than a year of being a subsite of commodore-ale.com, Amiga Coverdisks now
           has his own
url! A very big thanks to the great guys at Emuunlim.com who made this
Amiga Legal Emulation also moved to Emuuunlim, so both sites survived!
       - Of course it would be a shame to move to a new URL without an
update.. So especially for you
           I have added all the
coverscans and the diskscans of my available The One issues along
           with some more
information about each mag.
       - I am
sorry the update isn't that big, when I'm done with my vacation job and my holiday I will
           be a student again, so then I surely have more available free
time to work on my site!
Amiga Coverdisks is now more than a year old and I want to thank all the approx. 20.000
           visitors! Thank you for your support, you people are keeping me motivated about this project!

- 02 July 2001

       - Fixed the missing link to Amiga Power disk 63. You can download it now.. Thanks to 
           MarzAttakz and Werner for reporting...
       - Updated the
list, see the navigation bar on top (It can take a while before it's loaded..)

- 22 June 2001

       - What's this then? An update? Yep, it is... 
           First of all I want to say
thanks to Malc of Amiga Legal Emulation. He informed me very well
           the last couple of months because there were server and hosting problems. Everything is
           solved now, so take a look at the new stuff!
       - General...
non-java navigation bars for the people who are visiting this site with their Amiga
           with internet acess.. 
           Changed the
layout of various mags (fonts, colors, html-code...)
       - Added various stuff of the available magazines...
Amiga Action:
           Issue 23: Championship Athletics, Little Beau.
           Issue 60: Wembley Soccer, Tic Tac Toe, Sensible Massacre, D-Day and more...
           Issue 64: My both disks of this issue are corrupted, only added the coverscan and one
           Added all my
coverscans and diskscans of all available Amiga Action issues!!
           Added more detailed
information of the coverdisks of each mag.
The One:
           September 91, Pegasus, Infiltrator.
           October 91, Knights of the Sky, Pitfighter.
           November 91, World Class Rugby, Hudson Hawk, Harlequin, Meteor.
           December 91, Robocop III, Double Dragon III.
           January 92, MicroPose Golf, Alien Breed Hint Demo.
           March 92, Indy Heat, Fuzzball.
           February 93, Universal Monsters, Superhero.
           June 94, Gulp! Kung Fu Charlies.
Amiga Power:
           Issue 2, This disk contains the full game Kid Gloves, but this disk is unadfable, so I've send a
                       MFM warp image of it to Codetapper, Hopefully he can make an adf of it which works!
           Issue 63, Battle of the Ashes
Coverscans of AP06, AP49, AP58.
Diskscans of AP02, AP06, AP08, AP36, AP49, AP61.
Amiga Computing:
           Issue 43: Composer, Typist, OLR2, ZutAlors!, Clue and more...
           Issue 49: Arexx files, Amos programs, SID 2 and more...
           Issue 53: SnoopDos V1.5, Chequebook, AIBB2, Quadrix and more...
           Issue 57: Degrader, Midiplayer, D-Sam, Cag, Mouse Impossible, Parcheese and more...
       - A big
thanks to all the people who have send me their coverdisks. I am sorry if your disks
           aren't yet available, but I still have many many disks, scans, etc.. which aren't on the site
       - A special
thanks to M. Madden for all his coverdisks, not adf's but the real ones!
       - Well, that's it for now.. I hope you like it!                        

- 11 February 2001

       - Finally an update!!!!! Sorry that it took more than two months, but I don't have that much
           spare time these days. I hope to do more regular updates from now on...
       - I want to thank all the people who have voted on my little poll, because of this poll I've added
         nAmiga Computing (3 issues) & Amiga Format (12 issues). I hope you all like it!
       - And I want to thank all the people who have send me coverdisks lately and special thanks to
           Adrian, without him there woudn't even be two new sections!
       - Well, what kind of new stuff can be found in this new update?
           Amiga Computing:
           Issue 36: Viewports, MED 3.00, TGR, PsionLink, Landscape, Auto-Script, PPType & Tanx.
           Issue 40: DateDiary, PrtDevGen, Protect, Powerwars, Kim, Real3D and more..
           Issue 41: SoundStudio, Imploder, ConvBrush, ShortCut, Llamatron and more..
           Amiga Format:
           Issue 18: Interphase, BI-Planes, POTM, Ilinios, Midiequalise & Cycledelic.
           Issue 19: Balance of  Power.
           Issue 20: Play the Power, POTM, Atari Scan, Interphase Fix & Script4D.
           Issue 22: Gods.
           Issue 25: Mega lo Mania.
           Issue 26: Magic Pockets & Noisetracker
           Issue 27: Amoeba Invaders, Pacman87, Hemroids, Girl Actions & POTM.
           Issue 29: Blues Brothers & Home Accounts 2
           Issue 30: Stereo Master
           Issue 31: Knightmare, POTM, PicSaver & Virus Checker V5.26.
           Issue 33: Retcha-Sketch, Duel, Mouth-Man, Myth, Lemmings help & BI-Planes (again..)
           Issue 34: Jaguar XJ220, Sensible Soccer, Revenge of the Mutant Camels.
       - Enjoy all the new goodies!

- 05 December 2000

       - I completed the Amiga Power section! (for now..) I still miss the coverdisks of issues 2, 63 and
           64.. So, if you have these disks, please send them to me, a complete collection is always
           nice! Thanks!
       - Added my final Amiga Power issues:
           Issue 01: Bombuzal
           Issue 03: Exile, Prehistorik, Tiles, Frantic Freddie and Amoeba Invaders..
           Issue 04: Beast Busters, The Executioner, Pharaoh's Curse, Mazeman and Dad.
           Issue 05: Barbarian II, Metagalactic Llamas, Xfire, King, Amigoids and Raps.
           Issue 06: Rolling Ronny, Captain Planet, Bullfrogger and Air Ace 2.
       - Major thanks to Michael Hall for the descriptions of Amiga Power issues 1, 3 & 7 and the credits
           for the descriptions of Amiga Power issues 5 & 6 goes to Destrox..Thank u guys!
       - Updated the list... See the navigation bar on top..
       - I don't know what you want me to do next though, so make your vote on this

- 04 December 2000

       - I received 50! Amiga magazines from Destrox, mostly The One (23#) and Cu Amiga (18#)
           issues! Thanks a lot!,  I now have the actual magazines and in a few days I will get all his
           coverdisks!! I already added a short description of Amiga Power issue 8 & The One issue
           September '92...
       - I received Amiga Power disk 24 from Steve, thanks! It has been added!
       - Check out Codetapper's Action site! He's uploaded a hd-version of the Putty Squad demo
           available on this site! This demo rocks! He also uploaded a hd-version of an  All Terrain Racing
           Xmas demo, a very nice and atmospheric demo with Xmas music!!

- 24 November 2000

       - Added 12 Amiga Power issues.
       - Amiga Power issues:
           Issue 07: Leander, Videokid, Super Twintris and Asteroids
           Issue 08: Cisco Heat, Elvira, Welltrix and Kap-Othello
           Issue 09: Puggles & Knights of the Sky
           Issue 10: Mr. Wobbly Leg, Raid and Squamble
           Issue 11: Pacific Islands, Mission-X, Shoot Out and Rollerpede
           Issue 12: Titus the Fox, Project-X, Missile Command, Go Moku and Downhill Challenge
           Issue 13: Pinball Dreams, Campaign, Hook and Madbomber
           Issue 14: Legend, Aquaventura, Mr. & Mrs. and The Attack
           Issue 15: Galactic, Omegarace, Numbler Fumbler, Invaders 2, Satu-An and Willy-A
           Issue 16: D/Generation, Locomotion and Troddlers
           Issue 17: Beast Master, Dynamo and Top Secret
           Issue 18: Lotus III & Tearaway Thomas
       - Enjoy all these gamedemos, pd's!! 

- 19 November 2000

       - Added a list with all the games, utils and pd's available on this site. See the navigation bar on

- 12 November 2000

       - Mark Wright reported a problem with the adf of the Putty Squad demo. The adf can't be
           transferred back to an original amiga disk. The demo can't be run with any Amiga emulator, so
           I uploaded a dms file of the demo. This great demo can now be played on your real Amiga!
           Thanks for reporting Mark!
       - Check out Amiga Action issue 62 or Amiga Power issue 41! 

- 8 November 2000

       - Added 6 Amiga Power issues.
       - Amiga Power issues:
           Issue 58: World Golf and Super Foul Egg..
           Issue 59: Xtreme Racing, Deluxe Galaga and Teeny Weenys...
           Issue 60: Slamtilt and T-Racer..
           Issue 61: Harry's Balloons, Breed '96 and Ballunacy...
           Issue 62: F1 World Championships Edition..
           Issue 65: No Second Prize....

- 25 Oktober 2000

       - Finally a larger update for you to enjoy! Added 8 Amiga Power issues containing 18 Amiga
       - Amiga Power issues:
           Issue 48: Tankkk, Super Loopz, Spacewar, Master Blaster, Roketz and Megasquad..
           Issue 50: Obsession, Fears, Gravity Power, Frantic Freddie and a Valhalla MED...
           Issue 51: Ultimate Soccer Manager, Spring Time, Circus and Missile Command..
           Issue 52: Tennis Champs (2 disks..) and Air Taxi
           Issue 53: Sensible Trainspotting, Gravity Force level editor, Behind the Iron Gate..
           Issue 54: Cricket '95, R3 and Blob Kombat..
           Issue 55: Virtual Karting, Poweroids and Slider..
           Issue 56: Coala, Plorrds, Ultimate Quiz, Penguins and Poing3..
           Issue 57: Deluxe Pacman, Zeewolf 2, Lethal Formula and Bounce..
       - Have fun with all these gamedemos and pd-games! 
       - I want to say thanks to all the people who have send me coverdisks over the last few months:
           Adrian, Philip, Navron, Michael, KnucklesD, CodeTapper and Overdoc, Thank u all!
           When I have finished the Amiga Power section, I hope to get some time for adding your

- 09 Oktober 2000

       - Added 8 more Amiga Power disks! Issues 44, 45, 46 and 47. I don't have issue 45 disk 2. I
           would be very grateful when someone could send me this disk...
       - Enjoy a special level of Zeewolf made by Amiga Power and many more! 10 gamedemos and 3

- 25 September 2000

       - Phew! After two busy weeks a bigger update this time for you to enjoy!
       - Added 4 Amiga Power issues and Amiga Power issue 39 disk 2. I received this disk from
           KnucklesD. This man rocks! He has given me many Amiga Power disks and many descriptions
           in the past already!
       - This update features gamedemos and pd games:
           - Elfmania, Apidya, Theme Park, Ruff & Tumble, Empire Soccer, Pinball Ilusions, SWOS + more!
           - Digger, Excellent Cards, Tanx 'n' Stuff, Infiltrator, Scorched Tanks, Suicide Machine + more!
       - Have fun with these new coverdisks!

- 10 September 2000

       - Finally a new logo!! Thanks to Sean H. I am proud to present a new logo for my coverdisk
           site... I received another logo from Malc Jennings, Thanks! but I liked this one best.
       - Also added Amiga Power issue 39 disk 1 featuring the great Gravity Force 2!,
           Trick or Treat and Bob's Magic Garden..
           I don't have disk 2 of this issue. If someone has this disk, please send it to me....

- 04 September 2000

       - Another update at the Amiga Power coverdisks section!
           - Added issues 37 and 38: 4 disks featuring gamedemos/pd-games/etc..!!
              Great pd-game is Super Obliteration, which is sort of Asteroids/Pang/Turrican...
              Furthermore, you can enjoy:
              - Gamedemos: Banshee, Crash Test Dummies.
              - Great PD-Games: Soko Ban, Monaco, Llamatron, Racing Maniacs and more...
              - Add-on level for the full game Syndicate...

- 03 September 2000

       - My first update at my new address!!!
           Well, Finally an update after transferring my site to this new address, I added two issues of
           Amiga Power.
       - Added issues 35 and 36.....
           These two issues contain demos of Benefactor, Jetstrike, Statix, Arcade Pool and Tetris
           Pro... Hope you'll like it..
       - Another thing.. If someone wants to make a nice logo for my site, I would highly
           highly appreciate it! because a logo would like nicer as the yellow thingy above...

- 31 August 2000

       - My url has changed! Thanks to Malc Jennings from A.L.E. I now have one permanent place for
           all the coverdisks. No more hassling around with Tripod and Xoom accounts.. Thanks!

- 14 August 2000

       - Another little update, I don't have much time to do a bigger update every time...
           but I do my best to update this site as often as I can...
           - Added issue 34 (2 disks)..
           - Demos of Cool Spot, Lamborghini.. PD's: Smidge and Gorf.. Enjoy!
       - Thanks goes to Zodiac, he has helped me with uploading many Amiga Power disks!
           Great job!... And he even offered more help!

- 09 August 2000

       - Finally a little update again, I added 4 disks.....
           - Issue 32 and 33. Issue 33 has three coverdisks!
           - Wiz 'n' Liz, Cyberpunks, Dizzy, Globdule, Dogfight, Seek & Destroy..........

- 03 August 2000

       - Added 4 Amiga Power issues... Have fun with:
           - August 1993: Stardust, F1 Challenge, Diamand Thief and Pong..
           - September 1993: F-117A, Blob and Squigs...
           - October 1993: Skidmarks, Jetstrike and Poing....
           - November 1993: Brutal Sports, Fatman and Atoms..

- 01 August 2000

       - Well, after a little holiday another little update for you to enjoy!!
       - Added Amiga Power issue 26 June 1993 and issue 27 July 1993.
           Defender, Galaxia, Yo Joe!, Premier Kicks and more!! Enjoy.........

- 26 July 2000

       - Ooooppppsss... I storaged my Amiga Power disks at FortuneCity, but now they've deleted my
           account.... apologies for any inconvenience... I have uploaded the disks to my xoom account
           now... I hope all Amiga Power links works now... If someone has any tips for me to storage
           zips files on the Internet, please mail me..

- 26 July 2000

       - Added Amiga Power section!!!!!
           I uploaded 7 issues of this mag; Issues 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 49.
           You will find demos and PD's: DoodleBug, Trolls, Beavers, Infection, Q-Bic.........
       - Again... Major thanks to KnucklesD and Matthew Garrett!!

- 24 July 2000

       - Added CU Amiga disks 66 and 67 (October 1993).
           I Don't have the mag, I only have the disks containing Flexidump, Wonderdog, Mean Arenas
           and AMOSteroids..
       - Added CU Amiga June and July 1994.
           Videotracker, Elfmania and more.........
       - I will be adding Amiga Power issues (and still Cu Amiga issues) from now on.
           Many many many many thanks to KnucklesD and Matthew Garrett. Thanks to these two nice
           Amigans I can make a start with uploading some 50Amiga Power coverdisks..... Hurrah!
       - Maybe I will make an add section too, I received a great add from Zodiak, thanks!
           So, people, please send me your Amiga adds! (game adds, Amiga related adds......) 

- 21 July 2000

       - Added CU Amiga disk 15.
           I received this disk from Sane, thank u very much!
       - Added CU Amiga december 1993.
           Have fun with demos of two fabulous games: Turrican 3 & The Settlers.
       - Added CU Amiga may 1994.
           3 gamedemos: Bubble & Squeek, Bump 'n' Burn and Banshee...
           1 music tool: OctaMED V4...

- 19 July 2000

       - Added CU Amiga november 1993.
           Features Expertdraw, Frontier Elite II, Magic Boy and Qwak....
       - Also added a news item about an electronic show named Live'93.
           During the this show, held in London 1993, the CD32 was introduced to the consumers..

- 17 July 2000

       - Added CU Amiga august 1993.
           A great text processing program called InterWord and a demo of Apocalypse.
           Also an editorial note about the release of the CD32....

- 16 July 2000

       - Added CU Amiga july 1993.
           Demos of The Patrician, F1 Challenge and one utility disk.

- 13 July 2000

       - Added CU Amiga april 1993. 

- 12 July 2000

       - Added The One september 1992 (disk B).
           I don't have this mag, but I found this disk somewhere, so here it is!
           If someone has disk A or the description of disk A & B, please send it to me!
       - Added three issues of CU Amiga: december 1992 and february march 1993.
           Check out that Superfrog demo of march 1993; it's an exclusive level!

- 11 July 2000

       - Added all my The One Amiga issues.
       - Added navigation bar on top. Use it to go to the various coverdisks.

- 10 July 2000

       - Added Amiga Action issues 42, 66, 68, 71, 72.

- 4 July 2000: This site is born.

       - Added Amiga Action issues 60, 61, 62, 63, 65, 67, 69, 70, 73, 74, 75, 83.