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28th February 2001

A Taste of things to come 

Finally - Borrowed Time is updated. It's taken me long enough. The first major change being its new home. Borrowed Time is now hosted by Emulator Unlimited. Big thanks go out to the fox for the hosting, and for his patients. Without the Fox and EU, B-T couldn't exist. Many thanks to the people who have mailed me about the dead links - Sorry, but my old host closed down, leaving me high and dry. 

So whats new

Games - No new games in this update - All the links are now working - More games to follow soon  

Apps - Again, no new apps, but more will follow in the next update

Assassins - Assassins disks 1-120 are available at the moment, and theres more to come

LSD - All the LSD doc disk i have are available, and ave added LSD sprint disks 1-10 also

Links - I have removed a couple of dead links, and added links to a few DWANGO ( Amiga mods site), by AV and also Robot Riots CD32 site.

BTTP - My fave section of the site - Ive added one more site, which is sadly no longer with us - Robot Riots 'V' - Nothing Forgotton Though

History - This will be the next section which will expand - To start off, i've added a section on the history of the famous Amiga Copier, X-Copy. I've also added some great pictures, mainly donated by CAS

Webmaster - Updated the infomation about me - The old info was a bit dated

Guest Book - Its taken me long enough to get one, but i got there in the end - So feel free to tell me what you think of my efforts

Much more will follow in the future, now that i have found a good host - Hope you enjoy

On a final note, i'd link to say a quick thanks to a few people. Mainly Bobic for his motivation and support, Hippie 2000 for his support and help and also Liinsod, George and 'Someone' on the Emulation Talk Noticeboard - It was down to you guys and your comments, that made me get my act together - Thanks :o) 

And also my mum - yes mum uploaded many files for me, while i was working - cheers mum :o) 


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