Mr Dig's Amiga Coverdisk Site
Apparently shortly launched just after my site was, Mr Dig has put online a nice collection of Amiga coverdisks. He has also included detailed comments on the contents of the disks, as well as some screenshots of the games etc. High quality stuff- I wish I was as thorough as he is.

Glacis Technologies
In this day and age its almost impossible to find an online dealer that's honest and efficient. I swear every time I try order from somewhere, their online details say suchandsuch is in stock, I order it, 6 weeks later I ask where it is and they say "Its out of stock." But not these guys. I have had nothing but praise for their services. In particular, contact this man - Doug. He can get you anything you want. Anything. From a new A1200 to the latest, most obscure PC hardware he's hooked me up. Tell him Hisham sent you. They are based in Canada, but will ship overseas if you need it.

Host to dozens of emulation pages, including mine ;)
Thalion Software Webshrine
Archive of old Thalion Amiga games

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