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These coverdisks contain all sorts of game demos, utilities, music etc. that you cannot find

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Everything is in the .adf format, so you can use them on a real

Amiga or an emulated one.

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February 17th 2002: Alright, I think it's about time I own up. I haven't updated in almost 1 year now, and probably won't ever. It's just not 'fun' for me to maintain the site anymore, and I have moved on to other projects since then. I am in the process of talking with MrDig to create a combined Amiga coverdisk site, which will contain the best aspects of both our sites. If you are interested in 'taking over' The Nth Dimension in the meantime, or you want to be a part of the gang that works on the new site, email me and I'll see how you can help. Only those with mad 1337 database programming skillz should apply.

I will of course, provide continue to provide 'tech support' to the best of my ability.

Thank you to everyone who has visited this site over the years, and double thanks go to those who have emailed me kind words and/or Amiga disks for the archives. I would also like to take this opportunity to preach some of my super-sappy sounding views... Go out there and do something special that makes people happy. You are 1 in 7 billion human beings, but you have the chance to reach out to people and do something that no-one else has ever done. I started this site years ago because no-one else had an Amiga coverdisk site. So I made one. And now I have positively contributed to the lives of thousands of people who share my nostalgic love of Amigas. To me, there is nothing in life that 'justifies' my place in the world more than to help other people and bring a little happiness to them. So my advice is... if you are going to make a webpage, a project, a design, a work of art, anything... make something completely unique that the world has never seen before, and something that will make the world a better place. Don't fire up frontpage and make a website about your apartment and cat, like every other guy out there has done. Noone cares about something you can go and see anywhere, anytime. Think of something that has never been done before. Think of a 'gap' that is missing in some people's lives, and then work to fill it. To me, a simple email saying "Wow dude! Your site is awesome I got hold of soooooo many cool disks I haven't seen since I was a kid!" is priceless, and I hope whoever reads this will be inspired to go out and do something noone else has done before, and enrich the world a little.

Take care guys, and never forget how cool Amigas are.
- Zool.