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Action [new] (1997-)


  • Codetapper (code crack train gfx ascii docs, 10/97-04/00)
  • Legionary (code crack train intros, 10/97-02/98)
  • Elp (code trade, 10/97-02/98)
  • Shastar (gfx music, 02/98)
  • Tachyon (code crack train, 01/98-12/99)
  • Decrator (music trade, 02/98)
  • Teatowel (gfx trade, 01/99)
  • Sarek (gfx, 04/01)
  • LaCroix (music trade, 01/00)
  • Hfestos (trade, 10/00)

Fuzzbox (trade ascii, 01/00)

Group History

Action was formed by Codetapper as a way to bring several AGA fixers together and collaborate their skills. Originally Action created single file AGA fixed games by re-releasing older, cracked games in 'ultimate' versions, fixed for the new generation of Amigas.

In October 1999, Codetapper moved the group away from crack fixes and decided to use WHDLoad ( as the degrading utility and to concentrate on patching original games (as well as a few cracks for good measure :) Too many cracks were found to be butchered versions with a lot of content removed. To this day, Action is still releasing quality fixes at the rate of about 1-2 per week! Thanks to Codetapper for information.

Scottish trader Hoju's last ever email arrived in january saying he had problems with his Amiga. He was never heard from again and was assumed to have quit the group. Australian cracker Tachyon left the group in december.
On january 1st, Viz released possibly the first fix of the new millennium due to NZ's time difference :) English graphics man Sarek joined in april.

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