Action Autumn Conference

From ExoticA
20-21.10  Action Autumn Conference.
Held in Hopsten/Halverde, Germany, this was a small party. As usual at early
parties, there were constant power supply problems, at times as often as
every 15 minutes! A second Action Conference was held the following year.
The amiga group Coma was born here... =) Any information on any additional
results would be most welcome, if anyone can help...

· Information from report in D-Tect's "Hack-Mag #2" (amiga).

invit   Action "Party Informer Demo" (amiga).

amdemo  xx. Action  "Party Demo".
        xx. Antares  "Illusions".
        xx. Breeze  "Born".
        xx. Exage "Two Parts".
        xx. Vamps  "Frustration".

music   1.  ???/Treacle "Hip-House Remix".
        2.  Manhunter/Panic "The Dark Side".
        3.  Jester/Proton "Opus Dei".
        4.  Tomcat/Exage "1st Tune For Exage".

other   Splash "Another Intro" (amiga).