Artline Designs

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Artline Designs (ALD, 1990-)

FIN> Antti Hannula (gfx music, 90), Antti Kangas (code, 90).

Artline Designs was a finnish demo group, formed by Flex (Antti Hannula,
music), Apollyon, Scorpion (Antti Kangas) and some others from Contex in
february of 1990. Flex did his last work for the group in 1992, but never
left. He resurfaced as a member of Scallop in 1999, still retaining his
double membership in ALD.

  Music-Pack (1990, Musicfile).
  code: Antti Kangas (musicroutine), gfx/music: Antti Hannula.
  review: This is a single-file compiation of nine pieces of music, and a
  one-screen affair. The overall impression is nevertheless quite nice, with
  a good logo at the top of the screen and various non-obtrusive
  colorcycling going on in the chars that occupy the rest. The music pieces
  are actually quite good, and Antti Hannula shows a good sense of melody
  and structure here.
    The music presented are "Quite Acid", "Superstitious", "Weekend",
  "Fanfarewell", "Conflex", "Artlight Zone", "Ghettoblaster", "Russian!" and
  "Wonderland". [glenn]