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DeliPlayer v2.50 logo.
DeliPlayer v2.50 screen shot.
Author Florian Vorberger & Peter Kunath
Initial Release 1.0 (1997)
Latest Version 2.50 beta (October 13, 2004)
Genre Audio Player
License Freeware


DeliPlayer first appeared in 1997 and is the worthy successor to DeliTracker.

To play the majority of Amiga formats accurately, it makes use of the 68000 core from UAE and emulates them!


DeliPlayer multi-window example

(Taken from the DeliPlayer web site)

Some of DeliPlayer's features:

  • Supports Windows® 98, Millennium, NT 4.0, 2000, XP
  • MP3
  • OGG Vorbis
  • MusePack
  • MP3 information (ID3) editor
  • ProTracker (MOD files)
  • FastTrackerII (XM files)
  • ScreamTracker (S3M files)
  • ImpulseTracker (IT files)
  • C64-SID support
  • Plays DeliTracker Amiga custom modules
  • Plays all Tracker formats and derivatives with high quality
  • Plays 230 formats
  • Extremely powerful playlist
  • Archive support (ZIP/RAR/LHA/LZX)
  • Scaling, oversampling and interpolating mixer routines
  • 10 band equalizer
  • Click removal
  • Dithering
  • Reverb
  • Wide stereo and stereo join
  • Highly configurable

Supported Formats

Bundled Players

(Taken from the DeliPlayer documentation)

DeliPlayer players window
Player Type
8 Voices SoundTracker Native
A.M.Composer 1.2 Emulated
Actionamics Emulated
AHX Emulated
AIFC Native
AIFF Native
Amadeus Emulated
AmosMusicBank Emulated
AProSys Emulated
ArtOfNoise Emulated
AudioSculpture Emulated
AU-SND Native
AY Emulated
BenReplay Converted
C64-SID Emulated
Channel Player 1 Converted
Channel Player 2 Converted
Channel Player 3 Converted
ChipTracker Converted
Compact ModFile Converted
Composer669 Native
Customplay Emulated
DeltaMusic 1.0 Emulated
DeltaMusic 2.0 Native
DeltaPacker 1.0 Converted
DigiBooster 1.x Emulated
DigiBooster Pro Native
Digital Illusions Converted
Digital Mugician Native
DigitalTracker 1.0 Converted
DSS Emulated
Dynamic Synthesizer Emulated
EarAche Emulated
EMS Emulated
EMS V6 Native
Eureka Packer Converted
FaceTheMusic Native
FastTracker 2 Native
FC-M Packer Converted
FLAC Native
FollinPlayer II Native
FredEditor Native
FuchsTracker Converted
Future Composer 1.3 Native
Future Composer 1.4 Native
FutureComposer BSI Emulated
Fuzzac Packer Converted
Game Music Creator Converted
GlueMon Emulated
GMOD Emulated
GraveComposer Native
HCD-Protector Converted
HeatSeeker mc1.0 Converted
Hippel Emulated
Hippel-COSO Native
Hippel-ST Emulated
Hornet Packer Converted
IceTracker Native
IFF-8SVX Native
Images Music System Converted
ImpulseTracker 1.x Native
ImpulseTracker 2.x Native
JamCracker Native
Jason Brooke Emulated
Jason Page Emulated
Jason Page Old Emulated
JayTrax Native
Jesper Olsen Emulated
JS-Player Converted
Kefrens Sound Machine Converted
LeglessMusicEditor Emulated
M.O.N. Emulated
M.O.N. old Emulated
Magnetic Fields Converted
Mark II Native
Martin Walker Emulated
MaxTrax Emulated
MED Native
MED Song Converted
Medley Emulated
MMDC Emulated
modCRUSHER Converted
ModuleProtector 1.0 Converted
Monkey's Audio Native
MPEG Audio Native
MultiTracker Native
Musepak (MPEGplus) Native
Music-Assembler Emulated
MusicDiskTracker Converted
MusicLineEditor Native
MusicMaker Emulated
NESA Emulated
NewtronPacker 1.0 Converted
NewtronPacker 2.0 Converted
NoisePacker 1.0 Converted
NoisePacker 2.0 Converted
NoisePacker 3.0 Converted
NoiseRunner Converted
NoiseTracker Native
NoiseTracker Pak Converted
NovoTrade Packer Converted
NSF Emulated
Octalyser Converted
OctaMED Native
OctaMED SoundStudio Native
OGG Vorbis Native
Oktalyzer Native
Old SoundTracker Native
PanPacker Converted
Paul Shields Emulated
Peter Verswyvelen Converted
Pierre Adane Packer Emulated
PolkaPacker Converted
PolkaRunner Converted
PolyTracker Native
PowerMusic Converted
PowerTracker Emulated
Promizer 0.1 Converted
Promizer 1.x Converted
Promizer 2.0 Converted
Promizer 4.0 Converted
ProPacker Converted
Pro-Packer 1.0 Converted
Pro-Packer 2.0 Converted
Pro-Packer 2.1 Converted
ProRunner 1.0 Converted
ProRunner 2.0 Converted
ProRunner 2.1 Converted
ProTracker Native
ProTracker 3.6 Native
PSA Emulated
PumaTracker Emulated
Pygmy Packer Converted
QuadraComposer Emulated
Quartet Emulated
Richard Joseph Native
RobHubbard 2 Emulated
SAP Emulated
ScreamTracker 2 Native
ScreamTracker 3 Native
SCUMM Player Emulated
Sean Connolly Emulated
Sean Conran Emulated
SGT-Packer Converted
Sidmon 1.0 Emulated
Sidmon 2.0 Emulated
SKYT Packer Converted
SlamTilt Converted
SNDH Emulated
SNES Emulated
SonicArranger Native
SoundClub Native
SoundControl Emulated
Soundfactory Emulated
SoundFX 1.3 Emulated
SoundFX 2.0 Emulated
SoundImages Emulated
SoundMaster II Emulated
SoundMon 1.0 Native
SoundMon 2.0 Native
SoundMon 2.2 Native
SoundTracker 15 Native
SoundTracker 2.6 Native
SoundTracker 31 Native
SoundTracker Pro II Converted
SoundTracker V2.0 Emulated
StarTrekker 4 Emulated
StarTrekker 8 Emulated
StarTrekker Packer Converted
ST-Cruncher Converted
StoneTracker Emulated
Synth Dream Emulated
Synth Pack Emulated
Synthesis Emulated
SynTracker Emulated
TakeTracker Native
TFMX 1.x Native
TFMX 7V Native
TFMX Pro Native
The Player 2.2a Converted
The Player 3.0a Converted
The Player 4.0a Converted
The Player 4.0b Converted
The Player 4.1a Converted
The Player 5.0a Converted
The Player 6.0a Converted
The Player 6.1a Converted
TheDarkDemon Converted
TheHolyNoise Emulated
TimeTracker Converted
TME Emulated
TomiPakarinen Converted
Tracker Song Native
TrackerPacker 1 Converted
TrackerPacker 2 Converted
TrackerPacker 3 Converted
TreasurePatterns Converted
TwinVQF (was ist damit?) Native
Ultimate SoundTracker Native
UltraTracker Native
UNIC-Tracker Converted
UNIC-Tracker 2 Converted
Unique Development Emulated
Unis 669 Native
VSS Emulated
WantonPacker Converted
Whittaker Emulated
Xann Packer Converted
X-Tracker Native
YM Emulated
YMST (MYST) Emulated
Zen Packer Converted
ZoundMon Native

External Players (Not Bundled)

Although the last release of DeliTracker was in March 2000, new players are still being written for it - the bulk of which are by the Wanted Team. These players can also be used with DeliPlayer.

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