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Alien³ (gfx, ex Poppa)
Custodian (Dave Eggleston, code)
Morph (Steve Mulvey, code)
Eggus (code, ex Poppa)
Inertia (Mick Fairclough, music)
Joyrider (Nick Bunting, swap and tricks with cars)
Kiwi (Lewis Cressey, code, 92)
Metal (Paul Garner, gfx swap, new 10/91-93)
Mint (Ian Jerram, gfx and swap 91-93)
Simple Simon (BBS, 93)
Spud (Pete Barrow, code, 92)
Tango (Dave Kelly, swap pack)
Tantalus (Andy Everingham, mainorg, 91-92)
Terminator (Dave Jones, code)
Thallium (Shaun, gfx)
Venom (Stuart, trade)
-TCB!- (trade)
Adolf (ex Atomic (old))
Jens Madsen (sysop 'DREAM OF PERFECTION', 01/94)
Hampster (Roy Hook, old handle Pissed Artist, 09/92)
Hugo (ex Poppa)
Martin (code, new 09/92)
Narc (Kiren Rabathi, graphics)
Nitro (Paul, org pre-92)

Group History

Destiny was a demogroup based in England. They will probably mostly be remembered for their diskmag with the original name "Satanic Rites". Members of the staff of this mag were later behind the Talent mag "42".

The group attended Digital's party "The Main Event" in October, where they recruited a new graphician, Metal. This was his first group. About 4-6 weeks after the party, probably around december, the group's main organizer Nitro (also gfx) left the scene. Tantalus became the new main organizer, and under his leadership the group entered into its most productive period ever.

The first edition of Satanic Rites was launched as a basic lift of the group 'LSD's earlier 'Grapevine' editions in terms of design. Destiny was critised for using a selection of chip-tunes to accompany the mag, and a drawn-out loading sequence, which was something of a showcase for a cache of artwork from their productive artists, Narc and Metal.

Subsequent issues of Satanic Rites took music from "guest" musicians, including Snare/Quartz (issue 2), Rokdazone (issue 4).

Satanic Rites gained a following that attracted the first diskmag interview with Seen/Melon Dezign (something of a coup for the mag) and for its irreverant satirical style. The magazine frequently attracted critism from other UK groups who were "sent up" in the magazine, particularly from the group LSD and it's manager Parasite, who were very unfairly targeted in issues 2 and 4 with a series of obviously fake news items. The group responded by releasing an 'apologytro' to LSD, which repeated what had been written and explained the claims were not true.

Tango and Venom joined. Elminster was kicked in september.
Destinator joined Eclipse (new) mid 93. Norwegian coder and swapper Scourger joined Talent mid 93. English coder Oedipus joined shortly after the Destiny Communion Party in august. He later left the group to form Nebula.
  • Natas was kicked.
  • Vector left the scene.
  • TCB (ex Pussy) joined Energy.
  • Norwegian Lord Stradh joined Talent.
  • Norwegian swapper Messiah joined Equinox.
  • Phreak, FX and Lord Flight left to form Jesters.
  • Norwegian sysop Omaha Thunder ('DIGITAL PLEASURE') joined Compact Inc.
  • German editor RokDaZone (ex Amaze (old)) joined Infect. RokDaZone worked on the Destiny diskmag 'Satanic Rites'.
  • Jelace and Saracen (ex Damage Inc) joined Banana Dezign.


Satanic Rites #1 (April 1992, ECS Diskmag)

Password to the hidden section is 'Succulent'

Satanic Rites #2 (August 1992, ECS Diskmag)

Originally supposed to have been released at the Quartz Summer Conference 1992, but it was not finished in time, since coder Kiwi could not get it bugfree. It was released a couple of weeks after the party.

Satanic Rites #3 (November 1992, ECS Diskmag)

Satanic Rites #4 (1993, 29.05, ECS Diskmag)

Password to the hidden section is 'Bodveiser'. This was unfortunately the last issue ever released.


  • CLIFFHANGER (nor, 01/94)
  • NINE LIVES (eng)