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Chromagic (1993, ECS 1MB Musicdisk)

Review by Zito

You wanna hear dreams? Then put this floppy in your diskdrive, link your Amiga to a powerful hi-fi tower, turn up the volume and just lean back...
Starting with an introduction designed like the alien movies and movie-like effects at the credits followed by a bumping invisible ball with a scroller on its surface. Only bad that the colors of it's background doesn't fit in the dark overall design! But therefor the pannels are okay again and there you can choose six modules composed by a musician who stands right beside Jester, Nuke or Jogeir in the scene`s history: Chromag. It's not only the nice idea for the menu grafix those make a warm atmosphere. With pop, rock metal and romatic tunes the dcs-crew makes you enjoying this production in a relaxed feeling. As standard you can reach information about each of the modules via buttons. Also eight more or less interesting scroller and a very light group logo (that doesn't fit again, but was just an extra). My favorites are "Charming but drunk" of which the musician composed a sequel and "Love and pain". This was Chromag's first musicdisk. Released outside of any party.
tested A1200/030-42/2mb chip, 8mb fast.

AGA Demo (1993, 05.08, AGA File)

Review by Glenn Lunder

This demo scored 0% of the votes, and frankly I can see why. It's a multitasking AGA demo that's unexciting, and doesn't show off the new colors much. I can understand how the audience was unenthusiastic.
The demo starts with a raytraced EDCS picture-logo by Snuskbuske, before the main part begins. This consists of a standard scroller at the bottom (with a very nice font), a static bitmap 'planet' of some kind on the background, over which they show some vector objects. I can see why the audience didn't rise to applaud it.
The demo is also known as 'AGA Multitasking Demo', since that was the name given to it by the offical results file :) This name appears nowhere in the demo itself, though. The multitasking part is true, by the way, which means that this is one of the few productions where you can flip the screens with Amiga-M while viewing it. Works fine on standard A1200.
tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.