Exodus (c64)

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Exodus (XDS)

USA> Cure (ex Crazy, new 07/90), Executioner (Joel, fix import, 11/89-
     04/90), Gazoo (11/89-10/90), Grim Reaper (code fix, later North East
     Importers, new 01-10/90), Skreemer (05-10/90), Stormbringer (Steve,
     code fix, 11/89-05/90), Warewolf (11/89-10/90), Warez King (new 01/90).

Boards; WILD WARES (usa, also Genesis Project 04/90, 11/89-05/90), WAREZ
     CASTLE (usa, also Crazy, 01/90).

Exodus was an american importing and fixing group, active in 1989 and 1990.
Thanks to Executioner for info and help, and - special note - Joel, get in
touch if you're still alive! :)
  1990 - Grim Reaper and Warez King joined, while Flyboy (11/89-) left the
group with his board 'FABULOUS DISASTER' in january. They were in importing
partnership with Dominators in may. Cure joined from Crazy in july.
  1991 - The group reportedly had only two members in january.