Force, The

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Force, The (-1993)

ITA> Exat (ex Motion, new 07/90), Gabriel (ex Gax 777, new 07/90), Unicorn
     (ex Motion, new 07/90), Ximox (ex Gax 777, new 07/90), Zagor (swap,
???> Zartan (gfx, new 12/89).

The Force was an Italian group. After famous musician Guy Shavitt left for
the pc scene in august, the rest of the members didn't see a point to the
group anymore, and decided to end its existence after 11 years.
  1989 - Zartan joined in december.
  1990 - Italians Gabriel and Ximox joined from Gax 777 in july, as did Exat
and Unicorn from Motion, after that group died.