Gdynia '91

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Gdynskie Copy Party 1991
Type Amiga Demo Party
Date 1991/11/16-17
Location Gdynia, Poland
Organiser Joker Team, Luzers


The first real national Amiga copy-party (and second in general in terms of Amiga "meeting") in Poland took place in Gdynia, Poland, at the Baltic Sea. It was called "Gdynskie Copy Party 1991". The party was held in "Kolejarz club" (or "Dom Stoczniowca" both names are/were correct) and was organised on a rather sunny weekend of the 16-17 November 1991 by 2 groups: Joker Team and Luzers, both from Gdansk, which is 20km from Gdynia where the party took place.

It was a nice, cozy-like party with more or less 180 attendants from all over Poland.


Joker Team "The Return".
Hell Order Team (HOT) "Power of inspiration".
Luzers "Defene cos tam".


Gfx and animation by RYS, music (mod.nasty.short) by Peters, code by GBH. An excellent, stylish production which has apparently (to be confirmed) 2 (TWO) disks. The version spreaded in Poland (and unfortunately not too much out side the coutry) was one-disked, due to fact that the first self-booted disk contained only an Amiga-generated animation with the Earth globe spinning around a hand (to be confirmed). The second disk was also a self-boot one and contained a real demo called "The Return" with beautiful graphics, great music and matching code.

First disk (if ever existed) is a very rare thing to get. Both disks, even if could be executed separately, were an itegral part of the "The Return" demo.

GBH was said (according to Kane/Suspect in 1991) to look for a job in USA. But apparently he stayed in his native city - Gdansk.


A demo with lots of vectors, filled ones to be more clear. Not very breathtaking as for today, but from the technical point of view it was a really advanced one for this time, with fast routines and raytraced animation together with filled vectors spinning around. Demo coded by Musashi, with graphics by Seq and music by Scorpik.


A nice file demo (or maybe dentro) in Polish. Features among others filled vectors coded by Black Konrad, with music by Mr.Pavelo and a correct graphics by ... .

Other releases
Addonic "Intro"
Action Direct "xxx"
Zack Team "MegaDemo" (Code by an old C64 vetran PamPam, gfx by his C64 fellow SEQ).
Old Bulls "Music Disk"

Mr.Root/Acme "Drinker Cooker".
XTD/Haze "After Dream".
XTD/Haze "Blade Walker".
xxx/Pic Saint Loup "Long and Najs Dream".

Rys/Joker Team "Alien".
Animal/ActionDirect "???".
Dan/G-Force "???".


Groups attending there: Joker Team, Luzers, Hell Order Team, Haze, Suspect, InvestatioN, Addonic PL, Grace PL, Zack Team, Quartet, Action Direct, Acme, Katharsis, G-Force, Old Bulls, Alchemy, Pepsi Drinkers INC, Red Spectres and perhaps 2D Team + some (well or un) known local individuals.

Interesting Facts

A voting system did not exist at all and ppl voted by rising their hands up (sometimes both, what was the reason for some misunderstandings). Moreover, all the compos were shown to the crowd on a simple Amiga monitor! Nevertheless, the organisers coped quite well with it.

The graphics competition was a strong one. The problem was to find out weather the graphicians pixelled or digitalized their products. The winner was Rys/Joker Team with interlaced 16 hue of blue piece called "Alien". A picture can be seen in "Party Zanci" demo released later in the next year.

After the party there were some changes in Zack Team and Hell Order Team. They joined together and new group - the world famous Deform was formed.

According to some voters, the module by Mr.Root was not good enough to take the 1st place. It was more a "fame" winning, than a question of real party competition. Moreover, all of the sudden the music-compo organiser - Mr. Pavelo, - said that instead of one, as it had used to be, two modules, were expected from the competitors. It introduced more chaos and disagreement in the circles, since no one had been prepared for that. All in all, the musicians had "no choice" and gave one finished and one half-done module.

What is also worth to note that on the party, purely by accident (XTD found an Amiga without its owner, and launched a ProTracker) few musicians decided to write a friendship-tune, later called "mod.friendship" in order, among others, to calm down the relations between the groups. These ppl were: XTD/Haze, Kadi/Joker Team, Mr.Pavelo/Luzers, Mr.Root/ACME, Raf/Katharsis and Peters/Joker Team.