Hexagon Party

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21-23.10  Hexagon Copy Party.
HEX88 was held in Denmark for the c64 and amiga scenes. Little is known
about this party, so please help if you have information.

- Information and demos from Kefrens-7UpCrew "DemoDisc #4" (amiga).
- Information and demos from Kefrens demodisk #4 (amiga).

amdemo  1.  Starion "Demo".
        2.  Kefrens "Cool".
        3.  Atomic Team "Intro".
        4.  Kefrens "The Intro".
        5.  Atomic Team "Demo".
        6.  Kefrens "Demo".
        xx. Kefrens "Nightmare".
        xx. Kefrens "Evil Star".
        xx. Kefrens  "Megademo Disk #4".

64music xx. Jens Christian Huus (JCH)/Vibrants "Party Music".