KGB (group)

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KGB (1989-)

KGB was an Amiga demo group.


A.Azap (music)
U-235 (Tom Iversen, code)
ZX68 (code)

Group History

KGB was a Danish group originally formed on the Spectrum, which then migrated to the Amiga. Please note that there were at least two other groups using this name, but below is the 'official' list of releases for THIS one ;), sent directly to me by U-235 (who used to be known as Spirit/Dominators on the c64 btw...!)

They gained and lost their member NBR (gfx) this year. Swapper Passion joined, but left the following year.


Wild Blitter (1989, ECS Demo)

Also called Drummer-demo.

1990: Atic Demo (an intro rather than a demo)

KGB Spectrum Emulator v1.2 (1990, ECS Tool)

Intergalactic Demo (1990, 01.07, ECS Demo)

Released for the Amiga Conference '90 demo competition.

KGB Spectrum Emulator v1.3 (1990, ECS Tool)

Hit Fido (1991, 28.04, ECS Disk)

4th in the Amiga Convention Summit demo competition.

Purple Brain (1992, 28.12, ECS Disk)

21st in The Party '92 demo competition.
Apparently the groups final production...