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SWE> Bappalander (Ove Oldberg, code music, 93), Flamingo (code, aka FLG,
     11/89-12/94), Goblin (Mattias af Jocknick, mainorg gfx, 11/89-12/94),
     HCL (code gfx, ex Booze Design, new 05/93), Hero (code crack, ex Triad,
     new 03/91), Ice Cube (code crack, 11/89-91), Injun Inc. (Jörgen
     Johansson, crack, ex Triad, new 08/90- 91), Jedi (11/89), Rash (code
     crack, 11/89- 91), Shade (code crack, late90-91), Vodka (gfx, ex Booze
     Design, new 05/93), Waco (code, 11/89-90).
???> Page (music), Scooby (swe? gfx, 12/94), Yabba (swe? code, 93-12/94).

Light was a Swedish demo and cracking group, most known for their "Brutal"
series of demos. As far as we know, they never had members outside of
Sweden. Dr.Cool was an early member (possibly one of the cofounders?), and
it was he who recruited Waco and Flamingo to the group, both of which he had
earlier been in another group with. Thanks to NiM for information!
  1989 - In early november, the group cohosted a party in Balsta, Sweden
with Triad, and competed in the competition with their demo "Brutal"
[11/89], coded by Flamingo and Waco. They suffered the loss of their cracker
Tycoon to the same Triad, the following month of december, apparently
leaving the group crackerless.
  1990 - In august, their long lost swedish cracker Tycoon returned from his
stay in Triad, and brought Injun Inc back with him.
  1991 - Danes Sphinx, Glasnost and The Guardian (12/90) left to form a new
group called Camelot early this year. In march, swedish code and cracker
Hero joined the group from Triad. Just two months later, the the group was
joined by another ex-Triad member, sysop Spirou (FUTURE ZONE)! Also in may,
swedish cracker Tycoon decided to leave the group once again, this time for
Censor Design.
  1992 - Swedes Zagon (code) and Status left. After being independent for a
while, they both joined Vision, probably early 92.
  1993 - Swedish swapper Walker left due to internal problems, and joined
his friend Spirou in Deicide for a couple of days, before finally accepting
an offer to join from Active in may. HCL and Vodka joined from Booze Design
at the TCC 93 party at the end of may. News in Fairlight's "Reformation #3"
[06/93] that Yabba had left for Paradize on the amiga must surely be wrong,
as we have records of him being a member as late as december 94. Swedish
sysop Spirou (Joel Brynielsson, sysop 'FUTURE ZONE', ex Triad, new 05/91-)
left the group around julu, to stay independent and concentrate on making
games in the future. Swedish swapper Fresh Prince left for Epic in

  Music Collection V2.0 (1989, 16.01, Demo).

  Brutal (1989, 04.11, Demo).
  code: Flamingo, Waco, gfx: Goblin (logo), Waco (sprites), ???/Upfront
  (sprites), ???/The Ruling Company (chars), music: Danko/???, Gaunt/
  Fairlight, Zardax/Origo Dreamline (uncredited).
  Released for the demo competition at the Triad and Light Party.
  review: Light competed with an average demo here, though with some good
  bits and the promise of more to come. The very first in something that
  would later prove to be a whole series of demos, this one has the 3 parts
  by Flamingo and 2 by Waco. Like most groups at the time, they did not have
  their own musician, and used all ripped tunes - two of which are not
  identified in the credits. Overall, a fair demo with some good parts
  (sprite multiplexer, logo stretcher) and a few average ones ;)
    The demo comes in 3 files, totalling 298 blocks, and contains 5 demo
  parts. The music in the last part (which also features uncredit graphics
  ripped from some Thalamus game and then altered) is uncredited, but is
  actually "Tune 33" (hvsc name) by Zardax/Origo Dreamline, a really great
  cover rendition of a-ha's "Stay on These Roads", from the album of the
  same name. [glenn]

  Brutal II (1990, 28.12, Demo).
  code: Flamingo, gfx: n/a, music: ???/Skyline Technics (1), Klaus
  'Link/Vibrants' Grøngård (2), Groovy Bits (Danko? 3), Danko (5).
  Winner of the Dexion Party 90 demo competition!
  information: Part 4 musician is unknown.

  Not That Brutal (1991, Demo).
  code: Shade, Rash, Flamingo, gfx: Goblin, music: Skyline Technics, Danko.
  review: This 3-part, small demo-thingy is an inbetween-release in the wait
  for Brutal III. Nothing exsceptionally interesting here, just normal
  demoparts with no innovation. The last one is a sinus-plot part, where you
  control all aspects with your joystick. Booooring... The demo is a single
  file. [glenn]

  Brutal III (Demo).
  code: n/a, gfx: n/a, music: ???/Skyline Technics (1), Bluez (3), Antti
  Hannula/Artline Design (4), Moon/Flash Inc. (5), Zagor/Skyline Technics

  Brutality (1991, 28.12, Demo).
  code: n/a, gfx: n/a, music: Bappalander (1/3/4/5), Page/Side-B (6),
  Danko/Censor (7). information: Danko's tune in part 7 is FABULOUS!!
  Winner of The Party 91 demo competition!

  Brutal Comeback (1994, 28.12, Demo).
  code: Yabba, Flamingo, gfx: Scooby, Goblin, music: Danko, Rob Hubbard,
  Martin Galway. 2nd in The Party 4 demo competition.