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This page is a stub for arcade games that are part of the Lost In Translation series using information based on MAME (version 0.113u2).
For an example of preferred content and layout please refer to Out Run or The Ninja Warriors.

Check Man
No screen shot.
Manufacturer Zilec-Zenitone
Released 1982
8-way Joystick
2 Button(s)
Main CPU Z80 (@ 3.072 MHz)
Z80 (@ 1.620 MHz)
Sound CPU Mono
AY-3-8910A (@ 1.790 MHz)
Raster (Vertical)
256 x 224 pixels
60.61 Hz
98 Palette colours
Screens 1
ROM Info 10 ROMs
18,464 bytes (18.03 KiB)
MAME ID checkman · checkmaj

About The Game


  • Clearing a square by walking over it : 10 points.
  • Collecting flags : 500, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000 points etc.
  • Defusing a bomb with 50-60 seconds remaining : 3,000 points.
  • Defusing a bomb with 40-49 seconds remaining : 2,500 points.
  • Defusing a bomb with 30-39 seconds remaining : 2,000 points.
  • Defusing a bomb with 20-29 seconds remaining : 1,500 points.
  • Defusing a bomb with 10-19 seconds remaining : 1,000 points.
  • Defusing a bomb with 1-9 seconds remaining : 500 points.

Tips and tricks

  • Collect all of the flags on the early levels as there is no great threat from the boots.
  • Scroll bombs to the opposite edge of the screen so you can easily collect them and move back to your starting side.
  • At the start of each level you get a few seconds where the boots can not move. Make use of this time to get to the first bomb.
  • If two bombs are ticking down, get the closest one first unless the other is much closer to exploding.
  • Move the floor away from boots to trap them.
  • If you trap a boot on a single square, you can move the square away from underneath it, trapping it on empty space.


Designed And Programmed By
Peter Hughes
Duncan Shortland
Malcolm Mailer
Music By
Robin Cartwright

Cabinet and Artwork


Commodore C64 (1983, "Grid Trap")
BBC Micro/Acorn Electron (19xx, "Danger UXB", Micropower)

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