Martin de Agger

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Martin de Agger
photo of Martin de Agger

Handle(s) Maestro

Music in the UnExoticA collection


Game Comments Year Team / Publisher
Daily Sport Cover Girl Strip Poker 1992 Emotional Pictures, Unreal Design / The Sales Curve
Naughty Ones (AGA) Title and Ingame 1994 Melon Dezign / Interactivision
Tyran Taken from D.A.N.E. 1996 Pentagram 7 / Marksoft


Demo Comments Year Group / Party
D.A.N.E. ending music 1993 Kefrens / The Computer Crossroads '93
Kefrens Mega-Demo VIII 1990 Kefrens / Kefrens and Dexion Party '90
The Wall 1990 Kefrens / Dexion X-Mas Conference '90
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