Magnetic Fields 'Revenge' Party

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Magnetic Fields 'Revenge' Party
Type Amiga Demo Party
Date 1990/10/27
Location Rotherham, England
Organiser Magnetic Fields


Held in a sports hall in Rotherham, England for the Amiga scene. There was actually a bar at this party! New Age were disqualified from the demo competition after attempting to bribe people to vote for their demo.

It has been noted in other publications that an entry from Ray "NZO/The Powerlords" Norrish was also disqualified from the music competition, since the tune he was competing with had already been released in the game "The Killing Game Show" and that he didn't take it well. According to Ray Norrish this seems to be not quite accurate. Although the music from The Killing Game Show was entered into the competition it was done without his knowledge (he did not attend the party). At the time Ray had done some guest coding for LSD and had some contacts in the group. The tune was entered by Fish/LSD who had a copy and thought it would be fine to enter it on his behalf. During the party some members of LSD also demoed some Psygnosis work which Ray had sent them. According to Ray he did get told by Psygnosis after the event not to show / send out previews.

Yes, I heard that this music was entered, but I didn't have a reaction to it. It would be silly to enter commercial music of course :) I agree that it should have been banned!
- Ray Norrish

This party was widely regarded as the best UK party yet.

There was another Magnetic Fields party earlier in the year, the Magnetic Fields 'Select' party. Results for the kick off and tug-of-war competitions are omitted.


Information from Report in Anarchy's "Stolen Data #5" (Amiga diskmag).


Anarchy "Madness".
Express "Filled Vectors".
Modesty "Vector-Bobs".


4-Mat/Anarchy "A City At Night".


  • Anarchy "Raistlin's Message Box #4" (amiga).
  • Crack Uk "Intro".
  • Crack Uk "intro again".
  • Crack Uk "Multipart".
  • Magnetic Fields "Big Sine Intro".
  • Magnetic Fields "Coppermanic".
  • Magnetic Fields "Masta".
  • Magnetic Fields "Wibbly Wobbly".


The event was filmed by Cosy, and transferred from VHS to DVD then to DIVX in 2007. Thanks to Majic Mushroom for encoding and providing the video. You can watch the video below in your web browser (Adobe Flash v7+ is required) or download a higher quality version.


Download higher quality version of this video:

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