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SWE> Chock (gfx music, 08/91-02/93), Cory (code, 08/91-02/93), Manopla
     (code gfx, new 08/91-02/93), Woise (Daniel Ostman, org code swap edit
     'Miracle', also in Twilight, 08/91-02/93).
NOR> MJ (Helge Brede, gfx swap edit 'Miracle', 02/93).
???> Bogomil (gfx swap, 02/93), Degas (paperart, 02/93), Elwood (code, ex
     Motion, new 02/93), Golden Thai (swap, 02/93), Jive (crack, ex Titron,
     new 02/93), Joe (code, ex Motion, new 02/93), Mr.Phobia (code, ex
     Motion, new 02/93), Phobia (gfx swap, 02/93), The Champ (code swap,
     02/93), The Wanderer (swap supply, 02/93).


SWE> Dragon Fly (swap, 08/91), Drastic Art (gfx swap, 08/91), Goz (code,
     08/91), Joker (Hans-Johan Haland, code swap, 08/91), Riddler (09/91),
     Trasher (code crack train swap, new 08-09/91), Warlock (code, new

Maniax are (probably) headquartered in Boden, Sweden, and has released some
cracks. MJ was later in Iris on the Amiga, using the same handle.
  1993 - Jive (crack) joined from Titron, while Elwood, Mr.Fantasy and Joe
joined from Emotion, all around february this year.
  1994 - Authentic joined Excess in september.

  Future Vision (1991, 30.08, Demo).
  code: Manopla, Cory, Goz, gfx: Chock, Drastic Art, music: Markus
  Schneider, Maduplec/Nato, JCH, Tomas Danko Jr., Moppe/OneWay.
  review: There's nothing you'll remember for a long time in FV, I'm afraid.
  It's not BAD, just terribly average. Graphics are OK, but seldom anything
  special, and there is no exclusive music. Not bad, but not too good
  either. The demo is multifile, and contains eight demoparts. [glenn]