MicroProse Formula One Grand Prix

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MicroProse Formula One Grand Prix
MicroProse Formula One Grand Prix box scan

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Composer(s) Dave Lowe
Team(s) MicroProse
Publisher(s) MicroProse
Music Format(s) Dave Lowe
Year published 1991

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Download archive Game/Lowe_Dave/MicroProse_Formula_One_GP.lha
The music is based on the BBC theme for the Grand Prix, which is a piece called 'The Chain' performed by Fleetwood Mac.

Thanks to Darkness for the Custom version, and to Don Adan for the Dave Lowe version.

Filename File Size Composer Game Year Team / Publisher
File List Indent v2.png Custom_Version
File List Vertical v2.pngFile List End v2.png cust.Formula_One_Grand_Prix 85052
File List Indent v2.png dl.Formula_One_Grand_Prix 85000 Dave Lowe MicroProse Formula One Grand Prix 1991 MicroProse
File List End v2.png Older_DL_Version
File List Blank v2.pngFile List End v2.png dl.Formula_One_Grand_Prix 82788
Sunday 09 March 2014 (Ronaldvd): Added to collection

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