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General Information

Various authors (see Sylvain Chipaux site).

Technical Information

The Protracker/NoiseTracker module formats have been used in smallest forms, like Promizer, The Player, ProRunner, NoisePacker, NoiseRunner, Tracker Packer, Channel Players...

Nicolas Franck (Gryzor) has first written a reverse converter : ProWizard 2.20, DeliWizard (source code here) and the documentation, with some formats descriptions (53 formats).

Sylvain Chipaux (Asle) as continued this work, written enhanced descriptions : Asle's Amiga Mod Packers descriptions, a PC version of ProWizard (with full sources and docs!).

The eXtended Module Player loaders (XMP) are mostly written using Sylvain's descriptions !See also the Ronald van Dijk excellent mod-packers page.

List of Sound/Noise/ProTracker Protectors & Packers

Format Coder
Images Music System [AC1D/IMS] (CMF PhaseTracker Compact ModFile) Neil Crossley/Lightspeed Research 1991-1993
ProRunner 1.0 Cosmos [Marc Heyl]/Sanity
ProRunner 2.0 Cosmos [Marc Heyl]/Sanity
ProRunner 2.1 Cosmos [Marc Heyl]/Sanity
Hornet-Packer Hornet [Alain Malek]/Alcatraz
ChipTracker Kris/Anarchy
UNIC-Tracker Laxity [Anders Hansen]/Kefrens
UNIC-Tracker 2 Laxity [Anders Hansen]/Kefrens
Pro-Packer 1.0 Estrup/Static Bytes
Pro-Packer 2.1 Estrup/Static Bytes
Pro-Packer 3.0 Estrup/Static Bytes
FC-M Packer Charlet Franck
TrackerPacker 1 Crazy Crack [Boris Fornefeld]/MEXX
TrackerPacker 2 Crazy Crack [Boris Fornefeld]/MEXX
TrackerPacker 3 Crazy Crack [Boris Fornefeld]/Complex
NoisePacker 1.0 Twins [Conny & Christian Cyreus]/Phenomena
NoisePacker 2.0 Twins [Conny & Christian Cyreus]/Phenomena
NoisePacker 3.0 Twins [Conny & Christian Cyreus]/Phenomena
ProPacker Azatoth/Phenomena
Digital Illusions The Silents
NoiseRunner Chaos/Sanity
Eureka-Packer Eureka/Concept
Magnetic Fields Shaun Southern/Magnetic Fields
The Player 4.0a Guru [Jarno Paananen]/Sahara Surfers
The Player 4.0b Guru [Jarno Paananen]/Sahara Surfers
The Player 4.1a Guru [Jarno Paananen]/Sahara Surfers
The Player 5.0a Guru [Jarno Paananen]/Sahara Surfers
The Player 6.0a Guru [Jarno Paananen]/Sahara Surfers
The Player 6.1a Guru [Jarno Paananen]/Sahara Surfers
PolkaPacker Polka Brothers
WantonPacker Wanton/Bloodsuckers
PowerMusic Joakim Ögren
HeatSeeker MC1.0 Heatseeker [Ivar Just Olsen]/Cryptoburners
XannPacker Xann [Fabien Letouzey]/Willow & the Silents
SKYT-Packer Skyt(Mr.Bluesky)/Drifters
ModuleProtector 1.0 Matrix [David Counter]/LSD
HCD-Protector Hardcore Design
Peter Verswyvelen Packer Peter Verswyvelen
StarTrekker Packer Mr.Spiv [Jouni Karhonen]/Cave
Promizer 0.1 MC68000 [Frank Hülsmann]/TECH
Promizer 1.0 MC68000 [Frank Hülsmann]/TECH
Promizer 1.2 MC68000 [Frank Hülsmann]/TECH
Promizer 1.8 MC68000 [Frank Hülsmann]/TECH
Promizer 2.0 MC68000 [Frank Hülsmann]/TRSI
Promizer 4.0 MC68000 [Frank Hülsmann]/Masque
Pygmy-Packer Flame [Jani Vaarala]/Pygmy Projects
Fuzzac-Packer Fuzzac [Magnus Danielsson]/Silents
Zencruncher Dweezil [Mark Saarinen]/Stellar
Zencruncher adapted Anthony/Axis
NoiseTracker Compressed Riff Raff & Antichrist/UFO
Channel Player 1 Alan/Impact Inc.
Channel Player 2 Alan/Impact Inc.
Channel Player 3 Alan/Impact Inc.
PanPacker Poseidon [Andy Oberdorfer]/Alcatraz?
Slam Tilt Krustur/Obscene
TheDarkDemon ??
BenReplay Ben/Melting Pot
JS-Player Janne Salmijarvi/MegaWatts/Lioth?
Amos Music Bank François Lionet for Europress Software Ltd.
FuchsTracker Andreas Fuchs
Game Music Creator Andreas Tadic
Kefrens Sound Machine Razmo/Kefrens
ProTracker 3.6 Tom Beyer
SoundTracker Pro II Marco Nelissen
Tracker Song ??


XMP with full sources!
APlayer (T Neumann)